I've learned from other posts that my sarcasm is more subtile than I once believed. This thread is meant to be taken in "fun." Please add your ideas or refine mine

Here are five "action features" I'd like to see in the days ahead....

1. "Baby-giving" ROTS Obi-Wan: squeeze legs together for baby-handing reflex! ("Baby-receiving" Beru sold seperately)
(I stole this from Mr. JabbaJohn...he deserves the full credit for this idea)

2. "Yoda-carrying" ROTS Chewi: (2-pack): Slot Yoda onto Chewi's arm and slide him up the Wookie's shoulder for exciting "fast-escape moving action." (Yoda "ridding the Wookie" ROTS action figure sold seperately)

3. "Nunchuck-twirling" ROTS Obi-Wan: Look out Grevious! Skilled in both the Jedi and Martial arts, squeeze Obi-Wan's legs together for spinning nunchuck action! (this scene was cut from ROTS)

4. "Falling-over-every-frickin-thing" TPM Jar Jar: That wacky Gungan is at it again; twist the nob on Jar Jar's back and watch him spaz out over the floor like a freaking idiot.... (attachments: wagging tongue from pod racer couplings)

5. "Screaming-like-a-fatgirl-on-fire" ROTS Mace Windu: blasted out the window by Palpatine's Sith lightning, venerated Jedi master Mace Windu screams like a girl....just press his head down and listen to him roar!