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    What's next with .45 Scaled?

    I've looked over the entire list of what is and has been available, and so far MR has done a pretty good job with the scaled line of lightsabers. The only sabers that I can see as lacking from the list from a popular character standpoint would be the following:

    Luke Skywalker - ESB (basically similar to Anakin ROTS, but with wear)
    Qui-Gon Jinn - TPM
    Anakin Skywalker - AOTC (chrome version of Vader - ANH)

    Any other ideas??

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    Re: What's next with .45 Scaled?

    I actually would like them to possibly do some origional designs and assign them to characters who's hilt we never really see, such as Kit Fisto & Aayla. Or possibly the Solo kids or Mara Jade.

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    Re: What's next with .45 Scaled?

    Although I'd like to see Qui-Gon's, I agree with Spoon that doing designs for some of the other Jedi would be very cool.
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    Re: What's next with .45 Scaled?

    They are currently missing: Luke ANH, Anakin AOTC, Yoda AOTC, Luke ESB and Vader ESB from the current LE line up to have it complete. On the horizon is the Qui-Gon Jinn TPM which is rumored to be the CS 2006 Exclusive. I'd like them to move into Expanded Universe and Council Member sabers but most likely (and not generally a bad thing) the idea being kicked around is .45 Mini Blasters...

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    Re: What's next with .45 Scaled?

    If we're looking at an Expanded Universe line, I wouldn't mind seeing a Mara Jade model (see Decipher's card) or maybe a dual pack of Asajj Ventress' sabers...

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    Re: What's next with .45 Scaled?

    I want a Mini Emperor cane/clasp or themal detonator.

    Seriously, I think blasters would be sweet. Han Solo's ANH blaster would be great since I don't have $1,200+ for a LE from eBay.

    The Mini format actually opens up a lot of possibilities for affordable props. Wouldn't be cool to own ALL the lightsaber hilts seen in all 6 Star Wars films? This would have to include all the Jedi Council members, etc. I can't even begin to count how many that would be???

    How about a General Grevious collection that consists of his four lightsaber hilts? Or an Anakin/Darth Vader evolution collection of his sabers from all 6 movies (which I believe is 7 or 8 different saber designs)?

    Expanded Universe idea is cool, but I don't know if MR wants to begin designing lightsabers hilts from scratch. Because EU sabers have only been realized in novels or comic books, it's no longer a true prop replica, but more an artistic interpretation (which is not really MR's business). I guess we'll see.

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    Re: What's next with .45 Scaled?

    The Greivous idea is pretty interesting.

    And while I can see your point on the E.U. models I would enjoy if they did a few. I would PArticularly like Asajj and Mara Jade sabers, i feel both have a good deal of reference shots to be able to pull off. I'd also like if they could make a Leia saber (my guess is if she hasn't already she will have built her own by the end of Dark NEst trilogy i immagin)

    I also would enjoy seeing a few of the other jedi's sabes, Kit Fisto's and Aayla's for a couple. Then again I'm still debating buying any at all >>
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    Re: What's next with .45 Scaled?

    While the Grevious Idea IS interesting, I don't know if they'd do it because of the similarity of them to other Jedi's Lightsabers. The Council props are all similar and that's what the majority think is keeping them from releasing them in LE because Aayla Secura's lightsaber from ROTS for example is the same as Ki-Adi Mundi's. Who do you release it under? I definitely would love a set of Asajj sabers done in the Jango Fett Blaster style but I wouldn't hold my breath, MR has been dodgy when talking about the EU...

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    Re: What's next with .45 Scaled?

    I think Grievous's guards staffs would be interesting in .45. Blasters would be very cool too.
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    Re: What's next with .45 Scaled?

    I'd be happy to see the Jango Fett blasters in .45 as i wasnt even here for the full, and couldn't have afforded them if i was
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