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    Reek image at Hasbro Site

    Hasbro Star Wars has posted an image of the upcoming AOTC Reek Beast...thoughts?


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    Is it just me,or does this Reek Beast look like something for Jurassic Park 4?
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    What's that smell...?

    Why, it's the REEK! Seriously, though... it's not that bad. I always wondered what my Asian mom made her Potato Reek soup from. Now I know! I won't be getting this, but it's not a bad looking beast. I think "Action legs" Anakin could get perched on top of this baby pretty easily!
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    InsaneJediGirl, you hit the nail on the head with that one. I was just about to post something similar once I saw that thing. It's "electronic sounds and thrashing attack action" just reminded me of all the JP stuff I used to buy.

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    I think it looks pretty good and the features sound kind of cool, actually. Assuming the sounds turn out OK, I would think it would be great fun to have this thing roaring and thrashing through a crowd of figures.

    As with the vehicles, Hasbro has shown some major progress here. Compared with the ep 1 Beasts (Eopie, Kaadu and Jabba were just awful) there is no question that this is a big step forward.

    Let's hope the thrashing action means this bad boy has that rubber "real feel" skin (like the JP toys and the POTF2 Rancor). I don't know why you guys seem down on the JP line...I thought those Dinos were well done and remember wishing that the SW beasts were half as good.

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    Larger image

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    Darth Ludicrous, I never said I had a problem with the JP stuff - I bought tons of JP figures, but not for JP3. I'm just saying that that's what this reminds me of.

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    Hey,I wasnt downing JP stuff either,I have a ton of it from when the first movie came out.It just looks like some mutant thing that would be in JP3(Which,I havent seen).

    I probably will buy this if it as "real feel" skin,which would be interesting(As some of you noted.)I wonder what the sounds are gonna be like.
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    Talking I can name that sound in...

    Hopefully Jett Lucas won't have had a hand in the sounds. Otherwise it'll go, "Rrrrrrrrrrr!" "Mrrrrwwwwwrrrrr!" "Wrooooooorrrrr!" & "Rrrrrroar!"

    ...or maybe it will just sing stuff by *NSYNC.
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    I have no problem with the toy. But I just wish isn't wasn't a big lizard again like so many other beasts in the SW universe.


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