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    Re: Here it comes!! MR Collectors Kit on the way!

    Right behind my maul mini is my favorite maul action figure
    I tend to do that with all of my minis put them somewere on the top of my computer desk and put thier owners behind or next to them

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    Re: Here it comes!! MR Collectors Kit on the way!

    Quote Originally Posted by decadentdave
    I don't understand why they just didn't wait another week to send these out with the personalized membership cards inside. How hard would it be to package them with the card included since the kits have to be individually inspected and packaged anyway?
    From a business and shipping perspective VERY HARD.

    Because that would have required someone at the distribution center to personally break the seal and open up each and every kit to insert the membership card, and then reseal the package completely and make sure that when that package was shipped it was sent to the correct recipient. The kits were sealed as a package at the manufacturer in China, not at the distribution center in NJ. All someone at the distribution center does is take a sealed package off the shelf, put it into a shipping box and slap a shipping label on it. I don't want someone at the DC opening up and disturbing my kit.

    The extra handling involved would have sent the price of shipping and handling soaring. Needless to say we should all be glad they do not do it this way!!


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