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    Star Cases and General Storage

    Quick question is anyone can help me out. What is the best website to buy Star Cases from? also how do you store your cased figures? Do you display them or keep them in the closet or something? Any help would be Sweet!!

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    Re: Star Cases and General Storage

    I store mine in big tubs that you can buy at Target or Wal-Mart.
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    Re: Star Cases and General Storage

    I used to have all my stuff displayed in a finished room in my basement, but when the kids came along that got turned into a playroom. Now all my stuff is in Rubbermaid bins. Alot of rubbermaid bins.

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    Re: Star Cases and General Storage

    I store most of my figures in Star Cases I bought from Brians Toys. They cut you a good discount if you buy in bulk. Normally over $200.00 worth can get you a discounted final price. From there everything goes into the large storage totes every talks about. Just got to but a lot more totes that way. Good thing is my figures stay flat, clean and away from the humidity that normally will warp a card after years of storage.

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    Re: Star Cases and General Storage

    Look on e-bay for the cases. There's 2 really good sellers, One of them is MDS or MSD Sports and the other is Neuwheels. I think I spelled both of them wrong, but if you do a search and run into these sellers, you will see that they sell the cases at good prices. Buying by the case is the cheapest way to go. I can't see Brian's Toy having a good deal on anything. I'd steer clear of them.
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    Re: Star Cases and General Storage

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Spoon
    ...Do you display them or keep them in the closet or something? ...
    I display all of mine, otherwise I wouldn't bother to collect them.
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