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    Sith Eyes Anakin

    Anybody see this yet, or have it? Ive seen it once, and a collector/scalper (I couldnt tell which one) had 3 in his cart, along with the black clone pilot and green CC/Red Clone trooper. I managed to score the Obi's tho Anyways, yea, has anybody seen this figure up close and personal? I would love to get my hands on it

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    Re: Sith Eyes Anakin

    I found like 20 of them. But I passed. I couldn't justify picking up another Anakin figure, just because it had red eyes. I mean he only has red eyes once in the movie. In that part of the movie he had is hood up on his cloak anyway. Now an Evolution Anikan figure with red sith eyes would rock.
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    Re: Sith Eyes Anakin

    I've never seen this one yet... the stores by me only have the #28 Ani with the dark circles around his normal colored eyes, and the #28 Ani with no circles around his normal colored eyes. But, nope... no red eyed Ani. I'm looking for it though.

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    Re: Sith Eyes Anakin

    Two weeks ago there were dozens of them around me....I did pick up one because of the four Anakins in this series (slash attack, evolutions, crazy deep-fried Mustafar, mascara...the first version) I liked it the best.

    I have it loose for a huge diorama of about 40 Jedi I have....He stands beside Red Pilot Obi-Wan directly behind Bespin Vader and Luke and in front of Death Star Hanger ANH Vader and Obi-Wan....for my purposes the figure works...

    But the fig has flaws, although the eyes do set him apart as "evil," the legs are stiff, the robe is missing sleeves and there isn't much you can do in terms of poses.

    I'm still dissapointed overall in the Anakin figures from the last two series....I prefer him as Vader because we've so many options....
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    Re: Sith Eyes Anakin

    Is Ani # 28 suppossed to have the red eyes or the Mustafar Anakin ?

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    Re: Sith Eyes Anakin

    Quote Originally Posted by Markimus
    Is Ani # 28 suppossed to have the red eyes or the Mustafar Anakin ?
    It's #28.
    I've been looking for this figure for 2 weeks and had no luck yet.
    I tried EE but they have NO idea what case revision it's in.
    So...I assume this will be a chase figure?

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    Re: Sith Eyes Anakin

    I dunno, its a small change but its a neat one, so Im def. lookin for it too


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