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Thread: Boba Fett

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    Boba Fett

    Gonna go out on a limb here and throw something I've been thinking about to everyone, concerning Boba Fett. I was looking at the Selected Image of fellow Kiwi's Temuera Morrison and Daniel Logan together in what seems to be a cockpit setting. Now for all the talk of Boba Fett's involvement in AOTC, there's no casting credit that I've seen for Boba Fett, the talk of his involvement is cagey and everyone's assumed that the Selected Image of Fett and a Jedi (Obi-Wan? Anakin?) fighting is Boba Fett. I suggest this: what if the 'mysterious boy' (in the words of The Official Website) Daniel is playing is actually Fett Jnr? In other words, Boba Fett? That Jango is therefore Boba's father. And following that supposition, perhaps Boba inherits Jango's armour and appears fully formed in Episode III as the Fett we all know.

    Feel free to disagree, or even better, put me straight on the official facts that I might've missed.


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    Spoiler: according to rumour Boba Fett is a cloned Jango Fett. Since we know that Temuera Morrison is playing Jango Fett then it is only safe to assume that the kid sitting next to him is Boba Fett.

    Unconfirmed FACT: In an interview somewhere Morrison slipped and said that he was playing Boba Fett's father. (unconfirmed because I heard about the interview from my brother, and never read it.)

    Confirmed FACT: George Lucas specifically said that Boba Fett would be in Ep2.
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    I don't want to get into an E3 discussion in the AOTC forum, but I think your prediction about Boba Fett appearing as he did in the OT in E3 is quite possible. He is supposedly 12. Add a few years, and he could fill out the Fett costume that made the character famous - at least a similar version.
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    Thanks for the info!

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    For as much as I hate going all E3 on you... Isn't E3 supposed to take place like 2 years after E2? That would make Boba Fett only 14 years old at that point... I don't see him being an adult there as (from what we know in E2) Jango asked them to make him a "normal" boy without all the accelerated development.
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    I read a recent interview with GL. In it he mentioned Owen and Beru, and that we would see what they were doing 25 years earlier (not an exact quote). Jedi Tricks had a pretty good formula for working out the age of the twins. If I had to guess I would say they are 20 - 22. It seems to me, that leaves Lucas 2 or 3 years wiggle room.
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    this is pure speculation, but maybe the clones mature faster than the regular humans, thus the conveinence of growing a clone army. who'd want to wait 18 plus years for their soldiers to mature?

    with this in mind, maybe boba fett will be full grown 2 years later in episode 3.

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    I think we can be assured that we will see a very vengeful (and fully formed) Boba Fett ready for EP 3. So maybe JL will have to be creative with the age thing, but there must be a reason that he is only 12 in EP 2. (Other than marketing the film for children - again )
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    So maybe JL will have to be creative with the age thing........
    I didn't know Jett Lucas had that much decision making power. Then again..........


    I was thinking along those lines for the army of clones (rapid aging), but I am not sure about Boba aging quickly. I think his age might have something to do with Palpatine's overall strategy for taking over the Republic, and the gap between TPM and AOTC.
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    JC, I'm sure Rick will have given him permission.
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