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    Studio Scale Helmet release dates

    I doubt I'm the only one wondering this, so I thought I would ask this question to the MR people:

    Any idea what the release dates are for the various Studio Scale Helmets?

    I'm curious because I keep seeing them pushed back. I have the Spec Ops, regular, and Star Corps helmets on preorder at StarWars Shop. Although oddly enough, they show the Spec Ops helmet coming before the regular or Star Corps. I figure the regular would come first since the other 2 are painted versions of it.

    This is what I see for release dates according to SW Shop:

    Spec Ops - Aug 2005
    Regular - Nov 2005
    Star Corps - Dec 2005

    So if an MR rep could clarify this for us, that would be great.

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    Re: Studio Scale Helmet release dates

    I heard it was delayed... October 2005 for the Special Ops
    November 2005 for the Shock and Regular
    Looks like a 2 month delay for the Spec long as it looks good - some delay is ok with me...

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    Re: Studio Scale Helmet release dates

    Hey, thanks for replying.

    Yeah, I'm ok with a delay so long as they look good. From what I saw at C3, they should be nice, but those were prototypes.

    Works out anyways since I needed to channel my money towards a computer upgrade, which would conflict with the helmet if it came out this month.

    BTW, am I the only one that finds it wierd to see the SpecOps helmet come before the regular? Its just the regular helmet, but with a paint scheme. I figure regular would come first.

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    Re: Studio Scale Helmet release dates

    That does seem weird to me too.. that the regular helmet would not be the first one out. You'd think they make the Spec Ops from the regular.. adding color. Who knows?

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    Re: Studio Scale Helmet release dates

    The Special Ops I would imagine would be rushed out first because it was an exclusive to the retailers, but I've heard additional chatter that leads to the idea that it will ship alongside the standards in November and the Shocktroopers will ship first in Oct. I guess we'll see, but it should be interesting to get final visuals as they keep refining them as the year progresses. If you take a look at them at CIII and then again at SDCC there are subtile differences...

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    Re: Studio Scale Helmet release dates

    By the way, These aren't Studio Scales. They are considered LEs. There were no actual Clonetrooper helmets as they were CGI'd with close ups using Stormtrooper helmets as placements. The only helmet so far coming out as an SS is the ROTS Darth Vader bucket.


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