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    Found the seperation of the twins at Wal-mart on Mt Holly Huntersville Rd.

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    nice job jedibill. went there yesterday morning and saw nothing. i picked up my seperation of twins(wasn't going to buy them anyway) at kannapolis walmart today. also got an extra tarkin and r4. glad they fit in a starcase 3!!!! just tried to open my lone beer in the frige and the lip of the glass sharred. i hate when that happens.

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    found the new unleashed at wallmart on Harris blvd (university). i refuse to buy these. i like the big ones! i actually like the galactic heroes line much better for smaller figures. also passed on a r4. i did buy a mcfarlane Lavar Arrington variant. target university had it's usuall nothing. target huntersville had it's usuall nothing. TRU concord mills had an ask aak 2 pack. i left it there. i already have an extra. it is a great figure if anyone is on the fence. Where are you heavy gunner and clone wars 3 packs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmae
    just tried to open my lone beer in the frige and the lip of the glass sharred. i hate when that happens.
    Sorry... that sucks, but I could not help myself from laughing when I read that.

    Well, I'm not in NC (I'm in VA) but I vacation in NC every year. Outter Banks, you know, the usual... I have never had any luck finding any figs though. The WM close to Nags Head and the K-Mart in Nags Head never have anything. Where are you guys in relation to OBX? Sorry I'm just too lazy to look online to see where Huntersville and such is.

    Best of luck to you guys though!
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    we are about 5 hrs from there. i usually go to myrtle beach. my brother has a really PHAT house on a golf course in OC, Maryland. of course it is FREE there. i have been to hampton area wmart & target. i remember being on the hunt for fx-7 and looking there one year. of course it hit about a month later in Baltimore. i read your posts in the VA area? you and slicker! got to get my ikon from brentfett in balto. i think it is on the old work server. he made me a timmae(southpark) w/ a green sabre. take care. looking forward to trading with you and slicker someday. ps you and slicker be on the lookout for a okefor (bobcats) bball mcfarlane VARIANT for me!

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    Picked up the Clone Evolution 3 pack Gray variant at Target in Gastonia they have about 10 of them and 1 sith set other then that nothing new, TRU had nothing new, well I take that back TRU did have a lone Tarkin in one of those 2 packs.

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    i found a lone r4 #68 error or variant card. it said 68 on the side too. i bought it and starcased it! nothing new at target huntersville or university as usual. pretty much done, only looking for the clonewars 3 packs.

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    hey ya'all. i found a lone bly repaint at kb toys in concord mills mall yesterday(snagged it). also a mcfarlane shaq variant and a marvin harrison variant(snagged them too) ! talk about scalpers. is it me, or does kb scalp us?

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    I am so glad I dont have KB's here to mooch of my wallet. I hated that store. Crap stock and dirty T.P. prices ot match.
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    Yea I hardly ever go to KB


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