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    just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    wallmart in mooresville had some green variant clone trooper 3 packs today. i snagged a couple and left a couple. opened one pack. i never display much. they are pretty cool. been going to targets and wallmarts everyday and coming up empty. the kannapolis target got 51,52,53 in a couple weeks ago. was surprised to see they had one of each a week later. anyone else in charlotte here? i need a lava vader. got oodles to trade.

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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    Toysrus in Gastonia has the Sith and the Clone Trooper evolution packs they have about 6 of each of course I took 1 of each. they even put out a few new basic figures I almost fell in the floor and passed out when i saw that.
    they also had about 10 sets of the Jedi vs Sith 5 pack.

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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    target mooresville had the new cups in. i got the last stormtrooper. they have a leia and 2 vaders left.

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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    found the Jedi Temple Assult "very cool" and Throne Room at K-mart today in gastonia they also had some AT-TE tank gunners and Royol Guards "blue" all the Evolution sets are now gone at TRU the still had a few of the Jedi vs Sith battle packs. Target and Both Wal-marts have nothing new.

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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    Found Battle of Hoth Battlepack today at TRU Gastonia.

    nothing new at Target Wal-marts or K-mart.

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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    found 2 blue clonetrooper 3 packs at wallmart kannapolis yesterday. i bought 1 to bust and one to keep on card. now i have the red, green, blue, and white set. glad i didn't buy any from an auction. did you find me a temple yet, jedi bill? i went to the kmart last sun on wilkens? on the way to carowinds.and they didn't get any of the sets yet. i may check there on my way to or from the game tommorrow. don't let that scalper snag my set.

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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    No I've not seen anymore temple sets yet but looking, Kmart is so slow on restocking.

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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    Huntersville target this morning had like 8 clonetrooper evolution sets. thought i was seeing things. had 2 atrt vehicles and some hard to find galactic heros. i left everything there. i have found everything, was just killin time.

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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    Today at Wal-mart found 1 each of the following except 63 they had 2
    #58 Wookie Commando
    #60 Grievous Bodyguard
    #61 Passel Argente
    #62 Cat Miin
    #63 Neimoidian Commander

    also found clone evolution3 packs everywhere Wal-mart and Target
    Target also had those collector 5 packs also blue 3 pack of clones and wal-mart had some green 3 packs.

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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    Found #59 Commander Gree

    also Toysrus in Gastonia has got in some Gunships not seen those in awhile if anyone is looking they had 2 on deck.

    Wal-mart and K-mart nothing new ...


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