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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    target kannapolis today. BIG SCORE. i picked up the lava reflection vader and obi. What a scam hasbro has going here. the anakin is identical to the kmart jedi temple assault. what a bummer. i'm proud to say i didn't buy an extra. i picked up the last attact on coruscant though. a REAL deal at 19.99. i finally got an unleashed ani and obi too. HALF PRICE! i didn't get plo koons last ride. it was tempting.

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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    I checked Target today and also found the Lava reflection Obi-Wan and Anakin got 1 of each they had about 20 of them also found the Attack on Coruscant very cool got the last one They also had Plo Koons fighter which I did not pick up yet because they were all damaged but I will later. Other then that found nothing at Wal-mart or TRU or K-mart.

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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    Found the Commemorative Ep3 DVD 3 packs at Wal-mart they had 1 clone 3 pk and about 3 each of the other 2, $9.99 each.
    K-mart, Target, TRU nothing new.

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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    mooresville wallmart this morning, i picked up a spudtrooper. they are overtop the pegs. also picked up a cat miin, white ring bly variant, and a chocolate wookie (first wookie purchase since the preview one). they have both bly's, tons of gree's and the rest of the new ones.(not the last five). unless you are a scalper, then...i didn't see anything new at all.

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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    Checked Wal-mart gastonia and found both versions of Commander Bly which I did not have either so that was good already had gree but they had some of him too looked like someone had already hit store so alot was missing from display they also had the Titaniam pack 2 which i dont collect but if you do they are there.
    Target had plo koon fighter and alot of those Lava Anakin and Obi and about 6 more of those Attack on Coursant (Bacarra version) sets,it looked like they had (had)some new figures I seen 1 cat. They also had Green and Blue versions of the Clone 3 packs.
    Toys R us nothing new as always.

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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    found #66 plo koon and#67 aayla secura at the university target today(cool figs). i left a muf'd aayla there. wonder who got the 501's,wookie,and r4. knew i missed something when i saw the zet there.

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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    TRU at Concord mills has the Holographic Emperor hanging on the pegs lots of them all mixed in.

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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    The shadow trooper has hit target in huntersville. i went there on sunday and they did not put them out yet. as of monday morning, they are there. still no 501st!!!

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    Re: just found in NC, CHARLOTTE

    Yes I found Shadow Trooper at Target near Harris Blvd today no new basic figures and I've seen no 501st either.

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    Wal-mart in gastonia has the Unleashed 4 packs for $9.99 there ok but I'm passing on these.


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