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    man jedibill, i thunk you found something. i'm heading to the mount holly huntersville walmart now, then to the bobcats game. still have not found the animated 3 packs!

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    Well I did find the new Marvel Legends Apocalypse wave at Wal-mart in Gastonia tonite I got all 6 but no variants but they had plenty of the regulars maybe a good 4 or 5 sets, but no new StarWars, TRU nothing,Target nothing.

    checked movie area no clone 3 packs either.

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    went to media play tonight. first time down there. they are going out of business. i got the e3 teaser theatre authentic poster for 12 bucks. it was 40% off. nice, it is on a cardboard backing in plastic. was sort of undecided (have no idea where to hang it...maybee in the garage?). they have 3 more too. went to target...nothing. they are out of lava figures too. still a few neos left. oh, they had the new galactic heros. i already got them a while back though.

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    Found the Saga2 collection at Wal-mart on Mt holly-Huntersville rd, I only picked up Boba fett,Bib,Barada they had the rest, they also had the New Transformer things I don't collect those but they are there.

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    i picked up a saga power droid #14 and a fett #6 today at the huntersville target. i skipped on several of the new ones. still looking for the at-te driver though.

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    went to kannapolis target and walmart today. target had a power droid. left it there...i already got one. at walmart i picked up my at at driver (left a power droid). very cool figure. i also picked up an extra spud trooper. if anyone needs him just pm me. i saw the carded sora bulq or whatever his name is on ebay. i was not going to get him, but the card is killer looking and no doubt i'm buying him.

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    Timmae, I know Slicker was looking for the spudtrooper.
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    nice job slicker. i'll have it if anyone else wants one.

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    went to tru across from concord mills mall this morning. saw the new unleashed that had yoda in it. looked really really cool. i'm not collecting those, so i left it there. seems wierd to see the transformers and titaniums spread out on the shelves(not buying them either). they also had the galactic heros i got a while back at target(holo palpy). not too bad, they're only 3 months behind. i left with all my cash. something i've been doing a lot lately. may wait til i see people finding the new wave of figs to look again. actually going to buy 4 of the coruscant wave.

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    another post to me!!!! i havn't been looking much. see power droids at target...had yoda in it, was tempted to buy it and take back the one with amidala in it, but didn't. concord tru had nothing...was checking out the tater backpack thingy's are back in stock, had lots, didn't buy one, they are cool though.kb at concord mills mall had an r2. i was going to pass on him til i saw it, it is very cool, well done and different than any other carded ones i have, so i bought it. #4 in my saga collection so far. was checking out the toy fair pix and i guess i'll have a tough time skipping the c3po too. the chair is very cool and he looks killer. if there is an ewok on the card, i'm so done on it. later guys, going to check out some targets an walmarts tommorrow looking for the next wave.


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