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    went to university target and walmart today. they both got the new unleashed gree wave in. it is very impressive. i am not collecting these though. target got the geo wave in. they only had poggle left w/vader holo. i left it there. cool they lowered their price to 5.99. we knew they would.

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    score at huntersville target. i got my sora bulq today. card doesn't look as vivid as the photos on the net. a must have jedi. the yoda, sun fac, and poggle was easy to pass on, i guess someone snagged the scortch?

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    i though i had the find of a lifetime. went to mooresville supertarget today. they had (ALL CASE FRESH!!!)2 bly's,3 grees,4 wookie commandos(didn't have 1 yet!), 1 passel, 2 cat mins, 2 sets of green 3pack troopers. they of course rang up as 0.00. the toy guy said to take them up front and they would give me the last price. thought i was going to get them all at 1.18 each!i took them to the service area. she called the manager. he took one to the back, then came out and said i could not buy them, they had to go back. uuuuuuuugggggg! then i went to the superwalmart up there and they had 10 neo commanders, and 3 cat mins for 3 each. i just got 1 extra neo commander and 1 cat min. one of the cat mins did not have a head, and it was not in the package or was the package opened. i left it there. if they were the old bubbles, i may have got it. anyway, there is still a cat min(with head) and atleast 9 neo commanders there for 3 each!

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    picked up a boba fett at the tru today. couldn't resist the 4.99 deal. i had one a while ago and took it back since i have it in 3 other packages. it is a classic though. can't wait to put them in the cases when they come in.

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    have not found anything. still need a utapau. i have a scorch coming. i did spot and buy a galactic heroes green clone trooper and battle droid at the kannapolis target. the red battle droid is really cool. i can see people doing armybuilding with these packs. the darth maul and obi and the shock trooper and palpy were already gone. i will pick up a shock and palpy when i see it. not many people buy these, but i like the clones and droids a lot. there are 4 at at guys at the walmart up there if anyone wants one. they have been there a couple weeks now. i can't believe the motorcycles are half gone. now they only have a half million. maybee i'll see a figure soon.

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    went to several targets today and came up empty. just missed w4 at one. they had like 6 or 8 vaders? not too bad since i saw my first one last week. maybee the rest will show up. would like to snag a ugh b4 my ee case comes though.

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    I've not lived in Charlotte for several years, but is the toy store in Cotswold Mall still open? I actually used to find 10-year old toys there occasionally, and was just curious if it was still in existence or not.
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