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    Re: Is the Luke Skywalker ROTJ .45 worth getting?

    How much are you selling it for?

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    Re: Is the Luke Skywalker ROTJ .45 worth getting?

    I have the ROTJ Luke, it was my first mini and still is amazing. Pics don't do it justice but don't count out the Chrome eBay mini, looks great next to the ROTJ standard. If you're into the Trio displays, the Gold, Chrome and Standard make a great set up.

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    Re: Is the Luke Skywalker ROTJ .45 worth getting?

    Quote Originally Posted by lukespop
    Yeah, the .45 ROTJ luke is just like the full size....except smaller . I think the chrome version is lame. Anything that is not movie accurate is not worth the $ in my opinion.

    I just sold a OB1 AOTC on ebay for $40. If you can get it for $35 at a store by your house and not pay shipping, buy it if you want it!
    Same here. My first mini was the best buy chrome sidious and it wa scool for a little wile then I went out and got the real one and it was like WOW. The real sidious looks awsome and is 100 times better than the chrome

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    Re: Is the Luke Skywalker ROTJ .45 worth getting?

    Actually, Luke's ROTJ saber hilt is one of my least favorite designs... and I'm a huge fan of the original trilogy. It just seems so plain. I know it's similar to Obi-Wan's ANH hilt, but it seems to lack personality.

    But, on the other hand, it WAS Luke Skywalker's hilt that defeated Darth Vader. So it's worth getting because of it's mythic significance.


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