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    Should I get back into Minis?

    Hi guys n gals, I would like a little bit of your opinions on this...

    I know this is totally up to me, however your encouragement in either direction wouldnt hurt.

    Recently i gave up my mini lightsaber collection which consisted of about 10 minis to aquire a full size obi wan ANH. and I also bought the Luke ANH EE full size. Since then I currently only own the Mace AOTC mini and Obi AOTC mini. There seems to be alot of talk about mini sabers here recently and it's really making me miss my old collection as I almost had all of them.

    I take more pride in owning my full sizes however, i do like the minis for the fact that they are cheaper. My dillema is that If i recontinue to collect them, it will cut into my Full size saber funds and it would sort of be a trade-off. What do you think I should do here? I love fullsizes but I miss my minis. Any advice would be good to read. thanks.
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    Re: Should I get back into Minis?

    Well I guess my vote would be the best of both worlds. I would go for the mini's that you really want. You know the ones that you just want to look over constantly and then the same with the full size as well. Chances are that you will not be getting as many as each if you picked one or the other - but you would have both.

    So something like the more exclusive of mini's and the more exclusive of the full size. Of course that really depends on whether or not you like the exclusive mini's or not. Some people don't - some do.

    I would just say pick and choose wisely.

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    Re: Should I get back into Minis?


    As we've discussed before, the full-sized models are just too expensive for me to look at. In the long haul, if I could buy one or two of those sabers that I enjoy the most, I'd be happy, but if I never get to, that's OK as well. The mini-sabers, on the other hand, you could get almost half of the known varieties out there for the price of one large one. (I know, you traded your half just recently) $30-40 is just so much easier to swallow, and when you put up a collection on your desktop they just look so cool that it's worth it to collect the minis!

    Just my 2 cents


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    Re: Should I get back into Minis?

    C'mon, Nash,, you know you want to see some more minis on your desk

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    Re: Should I get back into Minis?

    You're an LE Collector nash, there is no going back now!!

    Just kidding. But really. The full-sized LE's are the real McCoy. And thats what I prefer. The minis are nice too and as Cirielle said, you could go back and get the minis you really liked.

    (just remember, the Obi-Wan TPM EE is coming up!)
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    Re: Should I get back into Minis?

    i'm a le collector and i base my mini selection on my LE and fx sabers. other than that ,i collect the minis that are exclusives.i think mini or LE,they're all awesome.

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    Re: Should I get back into Minis?

    I'm an LE Collector but at the prices they go for including EEs, etc I can't afford to be a completist so the Minis fill that void for me. I say go for it.

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    Re: Should I get back into Minis?

    I personally love my minis. Even though I recently got hooked on the harder stuff (started with an FX and then onto an LE), I still really dig the minis.

    They look cool and take up no space. And they do fill that void that sometimes springs up.

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    Re: Should I get back into Minis?

    Thanks everyone, i enjoyed reading your posts.

    I just received my full size maul .45 in the mail and its pretty cool. Makes me want to buy more minis NOW, BUTTTT im saving for the Obi. So im trying to be strong hehe. Probably after i pick up the Obi TPM, im going to splurge and buy a few key minis that i really like.

    I think my best bet is to take it slow with the minis since they are not limited at all and im not interested in the chase or exclusive variants. I just want the normal .45 rendition. shouldnt be too hard to find them all eventually at decent prices.

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    Re: Should I get back into Minis?

    This is what I have:

    I am a LE collector and a mini collector.
    What I do is I buy all of the minis that are out there and the lightsabers I really like I buy LE's
    For instance: My all time favorite lightsaber in anakins from episode 3
    I have the LE the mini and the fx
    The LE is the centerpeice on my desk(my pride )
    My other two are the darth sidious LE(beautiful hilt) and the soon to come vader ROTS)
    Lightsabers I dont like as much (i.e. Dooku,Vader,Obi-Wan AOTC) I have mini versions of.
    Its the best of both worlds


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