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    Thumbs up Met Bruce Campbell Yesterday!

    Yesterday, I went to a Bruce Campbell book signing for his new book, "Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way." By the way, it's a hilarious book.

    Anyway, I waited in line for a few hours, but eventually got to talk to him, and get my book, AND my Army of Darkness poster signed. He was very nice, funny, and very talkative. I mentioned the Broken Helix PS1 game he did, and he said, "so you're the guy who bought that. Holy ****!"

    Also, I went to a movie screening of his new film, "The Man With the Screaming Brain." The movie wasn't so good, but the Q&A Session he did beforehand was absolutely great. He was hilarious, and really got into it, and into the crowd.
    I asked him about the new movie he is working on with Dark Horse Comics, where he plays himself, stuck in a town with monsters or zombies (or something), and people say, "Hey! Let's get the Evil Dead guy to help!" So they give him a chainsaw and a shotgun, and he doesn't have a clue what to do with them.

    Anyway, here are some pictures of my autographs and a picture talking to Bruce with his head turned.
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    Re: Met Bruce Campbell Yesterday!

    that's awesome! BC rocks... i want to see "sky high" just because of his cameo - and i love both his cameos in the spider-man flicks.

    have you seen bubba hotep? rocks hard-core!
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    Re: Met Bruce Campbell Yesterday!

    I remember him best for a television show called something like "Brisco County" or something similar to that, he was a cowboy. But the guy seems like a class act, not caught up in his "celebrity" which is awesome. And to hear that he actually interacted with you instead of just signing things and pushing you on out only reinforces the coolness of Bruce Campbell in my opinion. "Hail to the king, baby!"
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    Re: Met Bruce Campbell Yesterday!

    I met him a few weeks ago at a show and he was being kind of a diva when it came to signing, we had to buy his book that I have no interest in and then he would sign that book and one other piece we brought with us. So I got in line and the worker bees at the show were very particular about us opening the book ahead of time so they could write our name on a post it note and put that in the inside of the book, so Bruce knew whom to personalize it to. I got up there and he wrote my name in the book and then made a scribble mark which I believe is supposed to pass as his autograph. So he took the 8x10 I brought from Evil Dead and I asked him to personalize it and write "Shop S-Mart" but then he refused and said, "these I'm just signing . . . and besides, SMart hadn't been invented yet." Well no ****, I thought, I just like that line from the movies so what's the difference, it's the same ****ing character.

    Ted Raimi was there too, and I got a signed pic from Screaming Brain since he plays the surgeon or whatever. And before I could stop him from using that WRETCHED Stanford paint pen and offer up my own silver Sharpie, he scrawled an inscription and as he did his name it made a pretty big leak (as those crappy pens tend to do ) and instead of offering me a knew one, he said something like "that's my artistic smear." Thanks a ton, that "artistic" pile of ink on the pic took forever to dry and even then it caved in because it was such a deep puddle when I put it in my book. Waste of money with that one.

    But I was glad to add Bruce to my collection, even if he seemed to be acting like a bigger star than he is.

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    Re: Met Bruce Campbell Yesterday!

    Him, mine seemed to be run mostly the same way, with the post-its in the book, and having to buy the book. But they let me buy his first book, which I didn't have, instead of his new one, which I had already bought. And honestly, signing one extra item with the book purchase is a lot better than most celebs will do. Most will only sign the book period. The new book is pretty darn funny though, you should read it. He signed autographs from 5:30 until 9, and then after the Q&A was over and the movie started, he went back out and signed until everyone was happy (I was buying a soda).

    Also, when I was going out to get the sodas, he was standing by the door, and he held the door open for me. I said, "Thanks Foyle!(the doorman from his new book)" And he got a big kick out of that, an said at least you read the f'ing book!

    One guy told me he went to a Hillary CLinton book signing....and she was using an auto-pen. THE NERVE!
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    Re: Met Bruce Campbell Yesterday!

    Did they have jazz music playing in his room ?

    I know what you mean about the price and don't get me wrong, it was a decent deal because they charged $28 (book list is 23.95) and I ended up with 2 autographs for that price. But at the same time, the whole idea is to push the hell out of his new book and by bundling it that way, we had to buy it, no choice in the matter. So yes we get a good deal on price in regards to getting 2 signed pieces BUT it also pads his book numbers. :lipsrseal

    Also, Hal Delrich (Scotty) was there as were the 3 women from ED . . . I didn't plan to get them all because the cost would have skyrocketed in doing them all, but the ladies would sell a signed pic of all 3 of them for 20 so I couldn't resist. No way I would have bought one individually from each of them at that price but for the 3pack, I couldn't resist.

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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*

    Re: Met Bruce Campbell Yesterday!

    A few years back I got to wear my Stormtrooper armor for a "private" slide show at a FAO Swartz toy store in Chicago showing the collection of Steve Sansweet. After the show, the folks who were there got to purchase his book, and he signed it for them, after they were done, I got to buy a copy of his book, and he signed it.

    Don't remember much else, other than it was interesting toting my armor down on the train, and then in a cab.

    Cool about the Bruce Campbell signing QLD!
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