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    Memorabilia UK fair

    Hi all,
    Are any of the UK readers planning on going to Memorabilia in Birmingham this March?
    We haven't been before and we're wondering what to expect. Could anyone enlighten us?

    PS: just for the Rebel Trooper, Imperial Officer and Eeth Koth - very very pleased
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    Sorry, forgot to include the URL in the previous post.
    My collections

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    Jedicon UK Part 5 is upon us again on April 28th is another in the highly successful Jedicon UK Star wars conventions, TOP Stars, Great Dealers and a brilliant day out!
    please check out our site at

    Plus celebrating the 25th anniversary of Star Wars and also on the weekend of the new Star Wars movie being released, your chance to meet Anthony Daniels ( C3PO ) making a very rare personal appearance on the 18th & 19th May at London Expo along with many other guests from Movies and TV more info at


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