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Thread: Mini's lifespan

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    Mini's lifespan

    The more i look at the mini's the more I'm intrigued an interested in possibly picking up a few of them (particularly the Sith collection). However, financially now would not be an optimal time for me to start. Now, I am wondering if I postpone until the winter holiday season, will the models still be for sale? I was thinking of waiting to then, getting the 05 collectors for the full maul saber, then using the coupons for Vader, Sidious and Tyranus. But this idea hinges on the fact that these models are still around come like december. Thus I turn to you guys...
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    Re: Mini's lifespan

    Don't worry. Mini lightsaber hilts are not limited and you will have no problem obtaining the ones you want. They are very popular and I don't see MR discontinuing the product anytime soon. They're designed for the more passive fan and they're inexpensive compared to LEs. You can pretty much get most of them directly from MRs Web site.

    Obviously, MR has released some exclusive Minis that are a little harder to find, but eBay is always a great place to start. The prices on eBay are also reasonable.

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    Re: Mini's lifespan

    They might still be around Umbra. Like a few older minis are still available fr order on MR's website. With few exceptions form the exclusives or varients they're not going for too bad of prices on the secondary market.

    But thats the question isnt it? To wait or not to wait.
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