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    MR Shipping Question

    Hey guys, long time reader, first time poster. I just had a quick question that I'm sure you guys will be able to help me out with.

    What can I expect to pay for shipping when ordering an LE lightsaber or helmet directly from Master Replicas.
    Will it completely negate the Collector's Society Coupon?
    Am I better off just getting it from the Saber Vault?

    Thanks alot in advance. I really look forward to getting to know you guys.

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    Re: MR Shipping Question

    Welcome to the boards Vedder818!

    Shipping for an LE will be around $20 and will arrive FedEx. Shipping should not negate your CS discount. You should still get a discount even if the shipping is covered. I havent used mine yet so I dont know offhand.
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    Re: MR Shipping Question

    Out of Curiocity, whats the shipping on Mini's?
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    Re: MR Shipping Question

    When I ordered my minis directly from MR, the shipping ran me 6.99.

    Hope that helps
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