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    TRU green Ani fighter rare?

    I seem to remember my local TRU in Frederick, MD, getting a pretty decent number of these things in a while back. I initially passed, thinking it'd be warming the shelf for at least a little while. When I returned a week later, they had sold out completely and I haven't seen any since. Pretty much every other TRU in my area is sold out also. I've checked Ebay over the last 2 weeks or so, just for the heck of it and:

    a. there are very few auctions that have come up

    b. when they do, the closing price usually ends at $45 or more

    What gives? When this thing was introduced a while back, I thought it had shelf-warmer written all over it (only ok repaint, kinda pricy, least desirable figure pack-in, etc.), but dang if it didn't sell through pretty darned quick.

    So the question: Are most TRUs sold through on these things? Throughout the country, does anyone still see these on the shelf?

    Second question: Why do I seem to remember hearing way before this thing hit the shelves that it initially would be a TRU exclusive, but then eventually would be released as an open stock item? Is that still the case? WILL it eventually hit the Targets and WalMarts of the world?

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    Re: TRU green Ani fighter rare?

    do not know about the latter, but they are all gone around here, they were on the shelves for about a week, then gone. i thought they would be sitting around too, but lucked out and found one.
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    Re: TRU green Ani fighter rare?

    I had the same problem where Im at...I thought it would stick around and I could pick it up later, but that didn't happen...I really wish I had bought it though...I would like to have all the jedi starfighters from this movie...I think they're really cool vehicles.

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    Re: TRU green Ani fighter rare?

    All gone in the Chicagoland area too.

    Only tons of OB1's blue starfighter around.

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    Re: TRU green Ani fighter rare?

    I saw one once and passed. Haven't seen them since.
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    Re: TRU green Ani fighter rare?

    It is no longer available to order from so it looks like this exclusive was really limited and is sold out for good. I'd pick up the Obi-Wan when you see it. My TRU got in two cases and as of today they only had 3 left on the shelves.

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    Re: TRU green Ani fighter rare?

    Yeah they are all gone in the LA area in CA. The Obi's are gone as well. I was able to get both, but almost missed out on Annies but a good friend of mine stashed one for me. One crappy thing about Obi's is Hasbro save a few pennies and didn't apply the stickers. I wasn't planning on opening it so it kind of sucks.
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    Re: TRU green Ani fighter rare?

    I have seen a few cases in the Washington area when they came out, however they sold out real quick. So far I saw about twice as many Obi-wan's and those have sold our quickly to. So I would grab the Toys R Us exclusives if you see them. Terman

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    Re: TRU green Ani fighter rare?

    I work at our TRU, so I was lucky to get both Ani's Greenand Obi's Blue Jedi Starfighters when they came off the truck. None of the two TRU Exclusive Starfighters lasted over a week on the shelves, they were all gone. We did get a second case of Blue Obi Starfighters in last week (they come in 6 to a case priced @ 24.99 each) but those are gone as well as of this week. Have not seen anymore Ani's Green Starfighters at all. Keep checking back, I'm sure TRU will send out more before X-Mas.
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    Re: TRU green Ani fighter rare?

    I guess I was thinking this would end up like the AOTC jedi fighter with Obi-wan that was exclusive to KB Toys. I STILL see those things on some KB shelves. But I guess it makes sense why the new fighters are selling so well. The fact that they have unique colors really drives it home. They could repaint the thing a dozen times and I'd probably suckered into buying every one of them. I think the design of the ship is a little cooler than the AOTC fighter too, so maybe that has something to do with it.

    I wish I could find that old report that said the green fighter would eventually hit other retailers.


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