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    Re: uncool helmet sales

    It doesn't surprise me at all. I mean look at all the stuff on Ebay and the prices it goes for. Supply & Demand. Simple enough. It is amazing though how many people out there never research prices on different sites and etc. I mean a lot of times there is a better deal than Ebay by and far!

    Then again lots of people will go and buy a car and not haggle it down. Or heck people will buy anything for face value (that is the face value of what the seller wants for it!).

    I mean I just sold some extra figures (Transformers) on Ebay myself for twice what I paid! I would have never bought it at that price - but other people do!!!

    Or heck we could also look at it this way - MR is selling the mini saber cases for $19.99 plus $10 for shipping and TSV is selling them for $5 less. I don't know about you - but I would have liked to save $5 on them.

    Unfortunately it is just the name of the game!

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    Re: uncool helmet sales

    its one thing to profit off a collectable that has gained value.its another to sell for profit on something you dont even own.especially a fine collectable like this that deserves to be in the hands of someone who can truly appreciate it for what it is.know what i'm saying?it is already expensive enough and i'd hate to pay more if i some how missed my shot at getting one. i've waited a long time.

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    Re: uncool helmet sales

    Those Darth Vader helmet auctions are gone. Too bad for the seller.
    F the Fat Man!

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    Re: uncool helmet sales

    there is still one under ebay master replicas for 2199.thats just insane.

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    Re: uncool helmet sales

    Quote Originally Posted by kingyeti
    there is still one under ebay master replicas for 2199.thats just insane.
    And that specific one is in direct violation of eBays own rules governing pre-sales. The seller has to ship the item from a pre-sale within 30 days of the end of the auction according to their rules. Since MR won't be shipping this item before December, this auction is a fraud.


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