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    Making good on my intention.

    I felt the large trigger was a unique touch, so I left it on.

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    Re: Making good on my intention.

    Very nice. I like it
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    Re: Making good on my intention.

    I've always believed that you're not a true Star Wars fan until you make your own hilt. Looking around the forums... I must be the only SW fan...

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    Re: Making good on my intention.

    That's pretty impressive!

    I've been wanting to build my own saber for awhile now. Although if I ever get around to it I'll probably go all out with a Force FX style saber.

    The large trigger is unique. It definately adds to the overall look of the hilt!
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    Re: Making good on my intention.

    I like it as well. The larger trigger definitely gives it some character. Where did you get the trigger from? It looks like the trigger from an air powered drill I used to use at my last job.
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    Re: Making good on my intention.

    Ding Ding!

    As you can see, most of the work was already done. I just painted the red handle, epoxied on the emitter (a couple of washers I found in the garage), and scraped the rust spots off with a dremel.

    Next step is to make a nice stand.

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    Re: Making good on my intention.

    That's exactly the same thing that I used to use. That trigger was kinda hard to miss. Still a nice hilt.
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