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    Ideas for a New Expanded Universe Line.

    Yes it's that time again when the EU thread comes into play but I have a thought that might make it easier for everyone to except it and be happy all at the same time.


    Now I'm not talking about having Walmart, Target, or TRU having the sole rights to these figures, I talking about having someone like or have them as their exclusives. This way, collectrs can have access to these figures, their not clogging up the shelves ****ing other off that there are no figures that they like on the pegs, and us EU fans can have a line that is made for us. See the possibility for happiness by all.

    Now as far as ideas for the line: each wave will be themed to include either characters from one of the games or various books, as well as 1 to 2 ships/vehicles. Sources that could be tapped might include the popular EU thoughts: Crimsion Empire, Dark Forces, Republic Commando, The Old Republic Series of games, The New Jedi Order, Dark Empire Series, maybe even some of the Clone Wars novels as well as concepts from the cartoon series.

    Now here would be my breakdown:


    Kir Kanos
    Carnor Jax
    Mirth Sinn
    Lt Massimo
    Schimitar Assualt Bomber

    Dark Forces 1&2

    Kyle Katarn
    Jan Ors
    Lord Jerec
    Boc the Crude
    Yun the Dark Youth
    Gorc and Pic two pack
    The Moldy Crow

    Dark Empire 1&2 plus Empire's End

    Clone Emperor
    Lord Luke Skywalker
    Princess Leia
    Older Han Solo
    Cam Solusar
    Executor Sedriss
    Boba Fett
    Salla Zend

    New Jedi Order

    Han Solo
    Leia Organa
    Luke Skywalker
    Yuzzan Vong (Various)
    Borsk Feyla
    Ganner Ryhsode
    Jaina Solo (X-Wing Pilot)
    Jaina Solo (Jedi)
    Jacen Solo (Jedi)
    Anakin Solo (Jedi)
    Mara Jade Skywalker
    Kyp Durron
    Black Deco Millenium Falcon

    Clone Wars (this can be both animated versions as well as regular)

    Arc Trooper (New and Improved)
    New Various Clones (As seen in cartoon series)
    All new Anakin Skywalker in combat gear
    All New Obi Wan Kenobi in combat gear
    Various Jedi see in the series and mentioned in the books
    Qui Lon Vos
    Clone StarFighter from the first cartoon
    Anakin Starfighter
    Assaj Ventros Starfighter

    Now I know this thread will get alot of grief from the EU haters but hey if for nothing else perhaps Hasbro will read these threads and make this a reality. Plus like I mentioned earlier, these can be exclusives to the above websites that were mentioned and not pegwarming the local TRU.
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    Re: Ideas for a New Expanded Universe Line.

    "Clone Wars" isn't that EU , so I'll chime in with a couple:

    *Gatling Gun Clone
    *Ithorian Jedi
    *Talz Jedi
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    Re: Ideas for a New Expanded Universe Line.

    I can see that, but I have to say that generic Yuuzhan Vong warriors would look much better if at least Nom Anor, Onimi, Tsavong Lah, and Shimmra get dedicated figures.
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    Re: Ideas for a New Expanded Universe Line.

    I like the idea of an exclusive Expanded Universe line for those of us who want those types of figures, but i dont think including vehicles would be a good idea, they seem to be too big a risk. I wouldnt mind some figures of the pilots from the Rogue Squadron series of books.
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    Re: Ideas for a New Expanded Universe Line.

    I think this would be a sweet idea! Even if you don't dig EU having a line for collectors with this that had all new sculpts and new characters without any figg'n ninja grip actin would be welcomed in my book. The KOTOR figures are something they have to do.

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    Re: Ideas for a New Expanded Universe Line.

    Agreed, they should be sold online so as to not take up retail space in stores.

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    Re: Ideas for a New Expanded Universe Line.

    Carth Onasi
    Canderous Ordo
    Mission Vao
    T3-M4 (Can be repacked for KOTOR II line)
    HK-47 (Can be repacked for KOTOR II line)
    Darth Malak
    Bastilla Shan
    Jolee Bindo
    Sith Trooper (Can be repacked for KOTOR II line)
    Republic trooper (Can be repacked for KOTOR II line)
    Darth Revan (this should be a delue fig with multiple head swaps included)-Also this should have two variants: a male and female version of the figure.
    and Possibly Motta the Hutt as a Deluxe (hey they can break out the Jabba mold and repaint the fig-saves them money...)
    Ship Ebon Hawk!
    and possibly:
    Calo Nord
    Rakata Alien
    Saul Karath
    Darth Bandon

    Darth Sion
    Atton Rand
    Visas Marr
    Echani Handmaiden
    Darth (what's his face with the skull plate-damn, I'm getting old that I forgot his name)
    I know there's a couple I'm forgetting here so feel free to chime in-but try to keep them to MAIN characters or great army builders.

    Republic Commando:
    Delta Three-Eight (Boss)
    Delta Four-Oh (Fixer)
    Delta Oh-Seven (Sev)
    Delta Six-Two (Scorch)
    Geonosian Warrior (just rerelease it)
    Geonosian Elite (a retooled Warrior-Hasbro can save some money here)
    Geonosian Drone
    Trandoshan Heavy Merc!
    Trandoshan Slaver

    Some maybes for the Commando line are:
    Battle Droid (again can rerelease these too and save money)
    Super Battle droid
    Advanced Dwarf Spider Droid
    Greivous Bodyguard (Magna Droid)
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    Re: Ideas for a New Expanded Universe Line.

    Words cannot express how much I'd LOVE an EU line (But Hasbro, my wallet is willing too )

    However, I think what you are asking may be pushing it a bit too far. I'd cut that list down too Main characters we reallly want, cut out some of the more side characters from tha tlist so we have a practical premiere line up for Hasbro. And if that has success then we can go back to those we cut.

    However, i think KoToR and COmmando can have their own lines do to the popular video game backings.

    An example of a select line, feel free to edit:

    Kir Kanos (Crimson Empire)
    Carnor Jax (Crimson Empire)
    Kyle Katarn(Dark Forces)
    Jan Ors (Dark Forces)
    Whoever the Dark side leader was in Dark Forces 2
    Han Solo (New Jedi Order)
    Leia Organa (New Jedi Order)
    Luke Skywalker (New Jedi Order)
    Nom Anor(New Jedi Order)
    Shimmra(New Jedi Order)
    Jaina Solo (Jedi) (New Jedi Order)
    Jacen Solo (Jedi) (New Jedi Order)
    Anakin Solo (Jedi) (New Jedi Order)
    Mara Jade Skywalker (New Jedi Order)
    Kyp Durron (New Jedi Order)
    Corran Horn (X-wing Series, I, Jedi)
    Arc Trooper (Red)
    Qui Lon Vos (Clone Wars)
    Talon Karde
    Lando Clarisian(New Jedi Order)

    I think we have a better chance of getting a line where we aim at the most important EU characters and go from there. Including versions of the classic gang may help garner interest in the line from those less liking of the EU. If this were too be successful, i'd totally love to see a 300th/500th/Cinema scene type package/diorama of Chewbacca defying the moon
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    Re: Ideas for a New Expanded Universe Line.

    I know that the clone wars cartoon is not considered a source of EU but since most people believe that the games and the novels make up the EU world..... Clone Wars has been a game and there have been Clone War novels as well. I used the starship out of the cartoon because from what I remeber alot of the fans wanted this ship to be made and the clones from Season 2 looked awesome.

    I think if the line came in waves then it might be possible to get some of the minor characters introduced. The lists i originally submitted i think only had the major characters of those lines. As far as ships yes it might be a risk at first but if the ships are made right and are not overpriced hunks of plastic then it might be possible.
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    Re: Ideas for a New Expanded Universe Line.

    Yea.. we need Tycho...
    I do think that it needs to be refined to a couple figs, not an entire line, if there is even a chance at them being made
    (although I would love an entire line)
    hurray for birthdays!


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