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Thread: Super die casts

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    Super die casts

    Wow, did anyone see these? that action fleet size? (if so, whoho!)

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    Re: Super die casts

    It is Action Fleet, just made of metal. I'll pass on the X-Wing, and maybe get 2 Gunships. Can't wait for some ROTS ships.
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    Re: Super die casts

    I just hope this line goes beyond the these early waves, I just get a back feeling we will have a repeat of the 2002/2003 AF events.

    There is wonderful potential in this line, ok, the X-Wing and other rehashes is a little lame, but we got a prototype glimses of the Tri-fighter a couple of months back, which looked very detailed, and it will be nice to get another chance to have the gunship, especially as how difficult that was to get in AF form. I'll certainly try and get a Gunship as I love the craft design.

    It just all banks on getting a good mix of new and interesting ships in the future. Judging by the disposition of the types in the Titanium line, I'd say the chances are better than average, just for the love of the force will they release this stuff to the rest of the world!
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    Re: Super die casts

    Didn't notice the link to the Hasbro site in the original news link. Properly packaging pics are up and everything, nice. Wal-mart exclusives for the first Wave again, but the wording of the news story suggests that will change with later waves.

    Hasbro site link

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    Re: Super die casts

    I may have to keep buying the MM just because I love the way these are packaged!! I definitely like it.
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    Re: Super die casts

    If they are Action Fleet size, but made of meatl, they definetly will be in my collection. I doesnt matter wich ships they made, all of them will be a very very adittion to my colection, besides, I love the new boxes!!!

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    Thumbs down Re: Super die casts

    I think I'll pass these ones. They are just AF made of metal. Tomorrow they'll make AF sized ships/vehicles of wood, carboard and who knows what else.
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    Re: Super die casts


    Love them. I hope the painted turrets gunship version is the production one. I don't know why they cut the end of the rocket launchers on the gunship. It's a little odd. And if they'll paint the side turrets, why not the wing ones ???
    Just my two cents.

    The X-wing becomes uglier year after year... But anyway it looks better with this new paintjob.
    The Tri-fighter looks very promising and I'm dying to see the ARC-170 fighter.
    I hope we will have a pair of JSF (Episode 1 and 2) with pilots for the future waves.
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    Re: Super die casts

    I don't care if they make action fleet ships in metal, wood, plastic, paper (although I would object having to glue it together myself) as long as they keep offering action fleet. And as far as theh choice for the first two vehicles, too bad they didn't do NEW vehicles, but for rehashes I think they made a good choice. I for one cant wait till they show up at Walmart.

    BTW, someone mentioned we got some previews of a tri-fighter? were did you see those?

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    Re: Super die casts

    I am so looking forward to this line. Not sure if I will collect all of the line but definately going for the gunships.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks


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