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    Exclamation Kotobukiya Snowtrooper.

    Pretty cool you guys!!

    I would have added a pic but the it's turned off right now.

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    Re: Kotobukiya Snowtrooper.

    Un-freakin-real. This looks amazing. I'm beyond excited about this one.
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    Re: Kotobukiya Snowtrooper.

    Oh man, this thing looks great! I've been wanting Koto to do this guy for a while now. Definitely gonna pick one up, Kotobukiya does such a great job on the imperial troopers!

    Bring on the rest!! I want to see a royal guard next, and then mabye some other ROTS clones - like Cody, gree, etc.. (not just repaints, new sculpts..). AT-AT driver and Tie Pilot would be cool too.


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