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    Droids show no longer canon?

    Since C-3PO and R2-D2 get assigned to Captain Antilles at the end of ROTS, and he's still their master at the start of ANH, does that mean that the horrible Droids cartoon is no longer canon? Has anyone written anything on this yet? Was it all a figment of C-3PO's new imagination? Did they leave Antilles and then end up there, many wacky adventures later? Or was this just another victim of rewritten history?

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    Re: Droids show no longer canon?

    Why do you think it was ever Canon in the first place ?

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    Re: Droids show no longer canon?

    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    Why do you think it was ever Canon in the first place ?
    Yeah what he said!

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    Re: Droids show no longer canon?

    I think Droids was a nice little side track for Star Wars. I don't know how much info people really use from the cartoons anyways.
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    Re: Droids show no longer canon?

    George used it - The Boonta Race.
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    Re: Droids show no longer canon?

    Maybe they were sold by accident due to a clerical error somewhere, and then Antilles spared no expense in tracking them down. But it took him a few years.
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    Re: Droids show no longer canon?

    You have to keep in mind that detailed historical records from the pre-Imperial era are sketchy at best.

    Recent archaeological evidence uncovered by [New] Republic scientists suggests that the Clone Wars was far more destructive than originally believed. Many historical records were lost and since the conflict was galaxy-wide, all of the Old Republic's centers of academic study and archival repositories were destroyed.

    The information purge was completed by the Empire, which began to re-write history to favor Palpatine's regime. Historical records from the Imperial perspective, although interesting and sometimes factually-based, are generally not considered a trustworthy source. We can only really trust records dating from the beginning of Galactic Civil War, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. This is when historians in the Rebel Alliance began to counter the Imperial propaganda machine by beginning a meticulous record of their activities.

    So events depicted in a recent holofilm trilogy about the pre-Imperial era are to be taken with a grain of salt. The holofilm's director, not having concrete historical sources on which to base the story, obviously took quite a bit of historical liberties to add dramatic and visual flair.

    Information has been downloaded from the memory banks of the droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, although unfortunately it is often fragmentary (both droids underwent extreme violence during the Galactic Civil War - 3PO was blasted into parts; R2 was electrocuted several times). However, the information recovered does reinforce the basic historical records found in the popular holocartoon series; conservative estimates place both droids' manufacture and activation prior to the Clone Wars and pre-Imperial era by at least a millennium.
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    Re: Droids show no longer canon?

    I never said I liked them, I just thought it was odd how there's not really a way for them to be canon at all anymore (whereas before, there was a chance that they were).

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    Re: Droids show no longer canon?

    The *big screen* is the only canon.
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    Re: Droids show no longer canon?

    Wow, that's quite a write up Ji'dai. How do you know so much useless knowledge? I thought I knew alot but you've got me
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