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    Smile We all own real props from Star Wars movies!

    Yesterday I went to a Star Wars exhibition here in Italy. It was made with the contribution of LucasFilm itself and contained drawings, story board pictures, costumes and models used in the making of the real movies.

    Beneath the other things there were a couple of models used in the Mos Espa Grand Arena in TPM.
    The first was a big chunk of the arena seating, which is also cited in the official Star Wars site ( Behind the Scenes section): “Industrial Light & Magic used multiple methods in creating the Mos Espa Grand Arena for the screen. Sections of arena seating were shot on location in Tunisia with costumed extras. These elements, shot on high-def video and not on film, were then cloned and repositioned in ILM's computers to make the crowd even larger. The arena itself was a huge miniature built and filmed at ILM. Extending the miniature were a number of digital matte paintings. To fill in the crowds in the miniature, ILM ingeniously used multi-colored cotton swabs blown by a fan to form a bustling audience.” (I am referring to the miniature with the crowd made of cotton swabs, see first picture).
    The other was the race gate (see second and third picture).

    Well, I noted that people on the stairs of the arena and especially all people standing on the race gate were actually Action Fleet figures! In particular ILM technicians used a lot of Lukes from the AF Rancor, among a lot of others (probably obtained directly from Galoob, I do not think they bought so many AF Rancors just for army building purposes ).
    So Action Fleet figures were used in the actual movies, and part of the crowd you see in TPM during the Mos Espa Podrace are the same AF figures we all have at home.
    Action Fleet line was so good even ILM appreciated it!
    Cool, isn't it?


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    Re: We all own real props from Star Wars movies!

    They also used an arse load of painted Q-Tips that swayed back and forth.

    I've never heard about the AF figures. Very interesting.
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    Re: We all own real props from Star Wars movies!

    If you had the chance to see the ILM model of the Radiant cruiser used at the beginning of TPM you will see the pilot figures in the cockpit are Action Fleet figures.
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    Re: We all own real props from Star Wars movies!

    Looks like that was a cool exhibit there GJ. Nice post.

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    Re: We all own real props from Star Wars movies!

    I remember hearing about them using the AF minifigs, there was even a shot with a Xizor minifig, but then we were told that ILM scrapped those shots and went all-digital. Now I don't know what to believe here.
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    Re: We all own real props from Star Wars movies!

    Here are a few quick shots of an article wrote by Cabour in a recent issue of DP. The pics were taken in 2000 in UK by a german member of
    Sorry they are a little blurry but they are printed tiny on the page.
    - "I've never understood Walt Disney".
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    Re: We all own real props from Star Wars movies!

    You can even see my Q-Tips in the first picture.
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    Re: We all own real props from Star Wars movies!

    I saw the Q-tip Mos Espa stands at an "Action, movie making" exhibit at the Museum of Science and Indutry in Chicago about a year ago. They also had a model of a Star Destroyer that had a camera you could control with a joystick to show how you could run along the length of the starship making it look like it was in motion, without the ship even moving an inch. They had a model of one of the buildings around Dex's diner, as well as other movie props including the car from "Minority Report".
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    not only that. . .

    . . .trek mms were used as statues outside the starfleet hq miniature built for the DS9 "homefront/paradise lost" 2-parter

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    Thumbs up Re: We all own real props from Star Wars movies!

    This is a really cool thread! Thanks for sharing!
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