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    The new packaging for 2006...

    I'm not really sure how I feel about it. I think it looks nice but is a little sedate, I think. If they weren't going to go with the location backgrounds of the Saga series, then maybe they could have tied the particular character into one of the movie posters or something.

    I don't know... seeing some of the products in that packaging scheme makes it look a little bland... like an AMT Model box. *shrug*
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    Re: The new packaging for 2006...

    Yawn...boring..yawn. They had better keep the figure package they showed at SDCC. I can live with that since it was kinda-sorta like the OTC line. I am happy to see they put absolutly no thought, energy, or care into the design for the '06 line. Keep up the no work Hasbro!
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    Re: The new packaging for 2006...


    that is boring, agreed.

    effort, Hasbro, effort, just a little bit.

    that packaging is awful.

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    Re: The new packaging for 2006...

    It just looks very pizazz
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    Re: The new packaging for 2006...

    I have to agree, the packaging does not stand out nor excite me. Hasbro, are you listening?
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    Re: The new packaging for 2006...

    Its ok, not the best or worst. I thought they were going back to the OTC style?
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    Re: The new packaging for 2006...

    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    Its ok, not the best or worst. I thought they were going back to the OTC style?
    Not if this report represents ALL of the product lines...
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    Re: The new packaging for 2006...

    The items shown (helmets, linens, housewares, pc mouse) are pretty diverse. So I'm betting this packaging style is primarily for miscellaneous product lines from the other manufacturers who also have the license. Having one packaging style for all these diverse product lines helps keep cost down for licensees and also makes the brand recognizable as a single line.

    Hasbro & LEGO probably get to develop their own packaging in-house with approval from Lucasfilm. I bet the Hasbro packaging shown earlier is the one we'll see in stores.
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    Re: The new packaging for 2006...

    Is there a link to that packaging? I don't believe I've seen what it looks like.
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    Re: The new packaging for 2006...

    LAME. It looks like they got the local junior college intro art class to design this.
    The prominent Vader helmet is too much.
    The helmet was prominent with the ROTS packaging as well, but since the shape of Vader's helmet determined the shape of the packaging, it was OK. This new style just looks like a few images thrown together on a square peice of cardboard.
    Are the figures going to be packaged right in the center of the cardback (like OTC and ROTS), or are they going to be offset on the cardback (like EP1 & POTF)?

    If they are absolutely sticking to this design, I have some suggestions:

    1) I think that they need to blend Vader's helmet into the "space" background a lot more. Make it more the "essence" of the helmet, rather than "BAM!!! heeeeeeeeeeeeere's Vader!"
    2) The new packaging design has a planet on the bottom of it. Maybe it's Mustafar. I think this design would be better if the planet at the bottom was the planet that the figure had its scene in the movie on. Ewoks would have Endor on it, Snowtroopers would have Hoth on it, Luke as Jedi Knight would have Deathstar on it, any of the Cantina Aliens would have Tatooine on it, Old *** Yoda would have Degobah on it, Senate Security would have Coruscant on it... etc.
    I know this would cost Hasbro more money, because they wouldn't be able to use the same generic card for every figure, but I think it would be more creative and appealing. As I understand it, Hasbro is putting the figures out in waves based on locations and battles. So this would make great sense.
    3) Also, maybe between the "Star" and "Wars" at the bottom, they could put in "Episode I" or "Episdoe V" or something like that... they could even put the name of the wave there... like "Battle of Carkoon."

    Does anyone agree?

    How would y'all change the packaging?


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