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    Bounty Hunter on Ord Mantell

    Hey here is something I've always been unclear about. In The Empire Strikes Back, Han refers to running into a "bounty hunter on Ord Mantell". Exactly, who is he talking about? I always assumed since I was a kid, it was a reference to the Star Wars Holiday Special and the Boba Fett cartoon, but I've also heard that its a reference to the Star Wars comic strip that use to run in the newspapers (sorta like the Quinlon Vos reference in Ep. 3, and Vos being in the comics), which would kinda make it the first EU reference in the Saga.

    Anyway, if someone can help me, to what and to whom is Han referring to, and if it was something in the old newspaper comic strip is there a link or something on the internet with a clip of the strip? Thanks.

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    Re: Bounty Hunter on Ord Mantell

    I picture Dengar when he says that.

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    Re: Bounty Hunter on Ord Mantell

    According to an audio story named "Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell" (1983), Han was confronted there by a bounty hunter named Cypher. Apparently, TFN has an MP3 of it:

    Also, there's 2 more takes on the line in the newspaper '81 to '84 strip, making 3 different just-prior-to-ESB bounty hunter encounters (all of which were created AFTER Empire Strikes Back had been released).

    I believe the line was written only as flavor and not meant to actually tie into any of the pre-'80 EU.
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    Re: Bounty Hunter on Ord Mantell

    I thought it was IG-88 because in Shadows of the Empire for N64 that's where Dash fights him. Oh, well.
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    Re: Bounty Hunter on Ord Mantell

    yup.. cypher.. i have the LP had it since 1983..

    god i'm old!

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    Re: Bounty Hunter on Ord Mantell

    I always assumed it was just an unknown bounty hunter. Some lamo who tried to bring down Han. Obviously it failed.
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    Re: Bounty Hunter on Ord Mantell

    O.k. now refresh my memory, The Empire Strikes Back was released like in 1980 or 1981, right? So the audio story is just a very early attempt at an EU story based upon a one liner in Empire?

    So, in reality JT is right that the line about the "bounty hunter on Ord Mantell" doesn't really tie into anything.

    As a kid, I always thought it was a reference to the Boba Fett cartoon on the Holiday Special, because that was the only "bounty hunter" that we had been introduced to between A New Hope and Empire. But recently I found a copy of the Holiday Special and in the cartoon, it refers to the planet where Luke and Han encounter Boba Fett by some other name.

    Oh well, since the Holiday Special predates Empire and any story about "Cypher", in my mind (and my own little Star Wars Universe) the reference to the "bounty hunter on Ord Mantell" will refer to the Boba Fett cartoon. In my own little EU, I can make it all work out.

    Actually, my question was for a little research. I am a pretty good artist, and have always wanted to create my own Star Wars comic. So, I am currently scripting out a comic to tell (my version) of "Vader's Quest" i.e. the story between A New Hope and Empire; and I'd like to tie in the cartoon from the Holiday Special, since that is really what I've always believed the "bounty hunter" line referred to.

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    Re: Bounty Hunter on Ord Mantell

    See if you can tie in the novel "Splinter of the Mindís Eye" while you're at it.
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    Re: Bounty Hunter on Ord Mantell

    I always took it as something that was just said to let us know what Han was up to in those in between years.

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    Re: Bounty Hunter on Ord Mantell

    Yeah, this was explained three completely different ways, back before LFL tried to keep all the EU somewhat almost not quite consistent.
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