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    New wave of Star Wars Cups at Target

    I went to Target and I saw a new wave of Star Wars Cups. Darth Vader, Princess Leia, and Stormtrooper. I thought they were cool but I passed up on it. I thought about how cool these were. So I go back to Target the next day and all they have left is Princess Leia. I should have grabbed these while I had the chance. Has anyone else found these? The only pic I can find of this is on Ebay. Click on this link to see the pic of it. Darth Vader and Stormtrooper are hard to find I guess. There was 2 of everybody and they come 6 in a case.
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    Re: New wave of Star Wars Cups at Target

    I've learned that lesson the hard way.. If you see it and you want it... better buy it now. Because it probably won't be there later.

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    Re: New wave of Star Wars Cups at Target

    Forget the figures, i just want the cups. Too bad there isnt a way to buy them without the figures.

    Markimus, im with you when it comes to buying when i see it, assuming i have the cash. Ive been burned far too many times by leaving things behind.
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    Re: New wave of Star Wars Cups at Target

    The reason it's so "rare" is because it just came out. I still haven't seen 'em but if it's a new product I refuse to bid on it on Ebay. Just be patient and you'll find it. I've found that the new ROTS toys aren't that tough to find on the whole.

    As for these cups I love 'em. I've got almost all of them not including these ones.
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    Talking Re: New wave of Star Wars Cups at Target

    These cups have hit all over the local Houston, Texas area.

    case assortment is

    2 princess
    2 vaders
    2 troopers

    for us the vader seems to be going first.

    good luck,

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    Re: New wave of Star Wars Cups at Target

    The cups are tough to find here in LA. I've only seen them once, and a scalper grabbed both Stormies right before I got there. Bought the Vader and Leia, though. Finally acquired a Stormie thru a trade with CrunchyNug.

    Pretty funny how the interest in Star Wars has gone up so much this year (considering how the first few waves of cups were all pegwarmers and were clearanced).


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    Re: New wave of Star Wars Cups at Target

    I saw the cups Monday night in Austin, TX. I liked the Vader one best, but not enough to buy it.
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    Re: New wave of Star Wars Cups at Target

    I saw them yesturday. I have a friend that works at Target and he went to the back room to get my Tie Fighter and brought out the cups as well. I passed, they are cool, but it is just to much money for a rehash figure and a plastic glass.
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    Re: New wave of Star Wars Cups at Target

    I only found the princess today, but passed on it because the package was in bad shape.
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    Re: New wave of Star Wars Cups at Target

    I've seen them a couple of times. I'm with Kool-aid Killer. I was buy these for the cups but I'm passing on these since I already have more SW glasses/cups that I will ever need. Since I'm an opener there is nothing here for me except maybe another stormtrooper.
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