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    Jerry Lewis Telethon

    Is anyone watching it? Some of my earliest memories are of the telethon and trying my best to stay up all night to watch the entire thing (which I never did manage to do). For some reason it just turned out to be one of those things that we kinda looked forward to as an end of summer thing. I still watch it (and since I can't sleep yet again I'm watching it as I speak type).

    Jerry is looking surprisingly good compared to the past 5 years or so. He seems to be aging very well now that he's gotten on whatever medication to battle what he had (the name of which escapes me). The show always seems to get high end entertainment that works for no charge and every year meets its mark, which he always seems to do with that final tally which brings out the drama of it all

    The show obviously has it's sad parts. Several years ago when they'd show the pictures of those that had died of MD they'd play what had to be the saddest damn music ever. It's even worse than the sad music that plays on the History channel whenever they show footage of the Holocaust. Another one is Mattie (which coincidentally they're talking about right now).

    Just curious if anyone else has the "Jerry Lewis Disease" as it's called of watching the telethon religiously and any stories.

    EDIT: I also recall my mother saying that the first and the last 4 hours worth of donations with be given to the hurricane Katrina victims.
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    Re: Jerry Lewis Telethon

    The best part of watching the telethon that I remember was the hilarious stand up comedians.
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    Re: Jerry Lewis Telethon

    I generally avoid watching the telethon. I don't watch TV as much as I used to so I sometimes forget this stuff is even on.

    When I was a kid the telethon always reminded me of the end of summer and the prospect of another school year, which I always dreaded. It was depressing.
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    Re: Jerry Lewis Telethon

    I loathed this show as a kid and when we finally got cable it was a relief because it was much easier to get away from it. Haven't seen it since.

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    Re: Jerry Lewis Telethon

    Like Slick, I have the same memories from growing up. I, too, would always try to stay up to watch the whole thing and fall asleep five minutes after I said that. I still like to watch it every year. Some of the acts/performances are pretty good and it's always nice to see the hot local news chicks gussied up for the local portion. I still always leave it on through the nite just because we always did when we were kids. The whole "sad because it means summer's over thing" went away for me once schools started class the last week of August instead of the Tuesday after Labor Day. Now I usually welcome fall and instead of mourning summer, I know I'm one week closer to football season!

    BTW, Slick, Jerry missed his goal last year. Why? The hurricanes in Florida.
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    Re: Jerry Lewis Telethon

    I finished watching the telethon and Jerry came away with a total over $54 million with something like $3-4 million going to hurricane victims.
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    Re: Jerry Lewis Telethon

    $54 million sounds kind of low.
    Isn't it usually much higher?
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