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    Deluxe Figures are up on the official site

    Let the bloodletting begin...

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    I'm not too sure about the Spidey web slingin' Mace Windu . . .

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    Sorry, hasbro is making a great case

    for me to take my cash and complete my vintage collection and POTF lines before I ever purchase an Episode II line.

    The Jango Fett is the closest to being OK.

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    To quote See-Threepio...

    "Oh, my...!"

    ...and you know he never said that when it was something good. There they all are... standing spread-eagle again. What is going on here?? I guess Habro didn't learn from the tireless supply of Deluxe Mauls, Obi-Wans and Qui-Gons that were being clearanced off for two years after TPM came out that the "lever-that-does-stuff" thing doesn't really work. As a kid (and as an adult), I just used my hands to simulate the "battle flips". Oh, well. I have a feeling the Jango is gonna be one of those figures where the stuff doesn't stay on him while you are playing with it. The Mace Windu looks like he is giving the battle droid a "Force crotch shampoo"... according to one of my co-workers.

    I'm passing on the Deluxe line and collecting some of the regular ones. Sigh... how sad for me. I really used to enjoy seeing and getting the new figures. These just leave me going -->
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    Hm... I was actually going to say that so far, this is the first "collection" Hasbro has announced where I will probably buy all the figures.

    They look pretty good to me, and the only "action pose" that I think REALLY doesn't work is Obi-Wan doing the splits. There's just no reason for him to be standing like that when he's not really doing anything else.

    Dooku and Mace and the Battle Droid all look really good to me, even if the are posed, at least the poses look like something a real human could actually do.

    P.S. I also thought it was interesting that this is the first indication I've seen that Ep1 Battle Droids will appear in AOTC. Of course, I've been trying to avoid be spoilers so this probably isn't very big news to most of you.
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    Orginally Posted by Caesar
    I'm not too sure about the Spidey web slingin' Mace Windu . . .

    Yep,it sure does look like something from SpiderMan..only..worse.(Hey,I have some old Spidey figs,They're great!!)

    Whats with Obi-Wan and Dooku?Not good at all,considering they
    probably stay in that one pose!!

    Jango looks ok...might get him

    Orginally Posted by JEDIpartnr
    I really used to enjoy seeing and getting the new figures. These just leave me going -->
    I totally agree with you JEDIpartnr.
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    Why, oh why is Count Dooku knock-kneed? Look at him, he looks retarded. Why would they make his knees turn in like that? To mess with us?

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    ...and the "Spread 'em for the full-body cavity search" line goes on IN-SPITE of our COMBINED protests. (Really, we are at , what 96 days until we can buy the things. There's not much they can do.) WHY ARE THEY ALL DOING THE SPLITS!??!?!? Unless, of course, they all really do look like this in the movie and these are the most accurate looking firgures ever. Anyone think of THAT or did we all just jump to the conclusion the HASBLO screwed up again!

    Can anyone tell me who got the license rights to make Enterprise figures?

    LOTR figures look cool to.........

    Spiderman.....( Mace Windu actually FROM that line?)

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    Which do you think is worse, Jango's "kick me in the jimmy" stance or Mace Wind's Crotch Lightning? Either way it all seems to involve groin.

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    What I'm hoping - but I still doubt very much - is that these figures all have the joints to have their legs placed in that stance. I don't really know what that joint is called, but it's like the joint that the Classic Spider-Man has. If they have that, we could just move the legs back to a normal position. But, like I said, I doubt that very much...


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