There was a major update done today. Most of it the general users don't visually see but will see in performance. There has been a lot of new control features for the entire Forums Staff that will help us keep the forums running better and efficiently.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Database-Based Thread and Forum Read Marking

    Now, instead of using cookies and inactivity timeouts to determine what should be considered unread versus read, we can now track this via the database.

    Individual threads are considered read only if you have actually read them. Also, as soon as you have read all threads in a forum, it's light bulb will go out; no need to visit the forum list!
  • There is now an option to use a image check for guests using the Contact Us form.
  • Calendar: Option for user to specify their own event start / end times. You select how long before an event that you would like to be reminded and we will send you an email reminding you.
  • Custom avatars and Profile pictures will be automatically resized to the maximim allowed image sizes (when possible).
  • Each attachment type has an "Open in New Window" option now.
  • Spell Check Support (IE only)
There is always more than meets the eye...

NOTE: If you are having a problem, first try refreshing/reloading (CONTROL+F5 if you are using Firefox) as you may be seeing an old cached page rather than the new one. If that does not help, you can clear out your cache manually. If that still doesn't work, post your problem in our Comments/Suggestions/Problems forum.

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