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    Clone Three Pack Question

    Once again, it has become too difficult to sort out the rumors from the facts, and I must turn to these forums for answers.

    How many different clone three packs have been/will be released? I've seen pictures and/or have the white ones, the brownish/red ones, the green ones, and the blue ones (4 total). I've also heard that there was a pack with three different colors in it (brown, blue, and green), but I've not seen pictures of it.

    Are there 4 or 5? Please help me.

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    Re: Clone Three Pack Question

    I for the longest was under the impression that there was a 3 pack with 3 different colored ones but there isn't. There are only 4 different packs.

    I've seen a picture of the 3 color one but to the best of my knowledge it was never released.
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    Re: Clone Three Pack Question

    The 3 pack with all colors was a mock up to show off the different colored ones. There are only 4 and that is it. If someone tells you different, they are wrong. If they show you different, helluva a customizer and repacker.
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