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    Question Would you support a Customizer's Line?

    I got this idea after my first few unsuccessful customs.

    How hard would it be for Hasbro to produce customizable parts? I know we have a lot of talented artists around here, but to get extra parts, painted or not, maybe even parts of cancelled figures. Alien and human heads, neutral and action poses, droid assembly kits - it could be a helpful way of us again telling Hasbro what we like. And hopefully, somewhere along the way, we'll all be able to make our own Ultimate Edition figures. And maybe that Quarren Jedi we always dreamed of.

    I'd even let the start slow. All I want for now are alien heads with standard bodies to create some background/creative figures.

    Thoughts? Comments? Total insanity?

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    Sounds like a hell of an idea to me, which pretty much guarantees Hasbro will never do it. They need all their spare parts for crappy pack-ins, like that awful Bespin Guard that came w/ the Carbon Freeze Chamber. The legs do not fit on that torso at all.
    But I would definitely buy a pack of parts to make my own, say, Imperial and Rebel Officers.

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    I have to agree with Fulit: The idea is too reasonable for Hasbro to do. It makes too much sense.

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    If Hasbro did something similar to the Marmit figures (12" figures that you assemble yourself and have interchangeable parts) then I think it would be pretty cool. Action figure kits have never really been popular in the States; but with all the Gundam toy/model kits selling so well all over the country then I don't see why Hasbro can't try their luck and import some of the Marmits. The same way they do the Transformers:RID stuff.
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    Its a great idea but I doubt Hasbro would ever do it,Petition perhaps?
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    I'm pretty sure that LFL would squash this idea even if Hasbro wanted to do it. I think it'd be super dope, have swappable limbs, torsos, heads, legs, whatnot for a Stormtrooper and other troop figures. Heck, Hasbro wouldn't even have to pay poor Chinese people to ASSEMBLE these figures!

    I'd also like to see a build your own droid set with astromechs, protocol droids, and other kinds of droids. We had one in the '70s, why not now?
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    We had one in the '70s, why not now?
    Cause the times have changed since then,it all works differently now
    You fool, my reach is far greater than the Jedi.Only a Sith can wield the force over such a great distance.'' - Darth Sidious

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    I would love to have a build-your-own droid kit.I think it
    would be a pretty interesting add-on to the SW Line.Maybe
    a build your own Battle Droid or R2 units
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    I think the times haven't changed that much. Droids custom kits would go over big.Thats why Hasbro won't do it.
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