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    The Simpsons 17th Season!

    The Simpsons seventeenth season premieres tonight with an all-new episode entitled Bonfire of the Manatees -

    Marge moves out and meets a marine biologist after Homer lets Fat Tony shoot a skin flick in the Simpson home. The episode features celebrity guest voice Alec Baldwin.
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    Re: The Simpsons 17th Season!

    You can watch a clip of tonights show here... I didn't realise the new season was starting already, usually it doesn't usually begin until after the World Series. But hey thats ok with me.

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    Re: The Simpsons 17th Season!

    It wasnt a bad epsiode, I think Family Guy was better.
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    Re: The Simpsons 17th Season!

    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    It wasnt a bad epsiode, I think Family Guy was better.
    I agree 100%.

    The Simpsons has always been one of my favorite shows. Tonight's episode appeared to be better than many of last seasons eps. so hopefully this year is going to be really good. But...

    The Family Guy is just amazing. The Family Guy makes me laugh harder than any other show on tv. Not too sure about American Dad. I will watch tonights episode tomorrow, but I wasn't too impressed with it when it was on tv last time around. American Dad tried too hard to make you laugh, where The Family Guy was just effortless.

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    Re: The Simpsons 17th Season!

    Simpsons is all done. The show has tanked years ago. They are trying way to hard to be funny and fail miserably. Family guy is where it's at. I mean come on, an episode with James Woods AND some of the cast of Star Trek TNG! You can't beat that with Alec Baldwin. Come on!
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    Re: The Simpsons 17th Season!

    The Simpsons still has a spark or two left in it, but as others said, Family Guy is so much better.

    Anyone else realize that if the kids had aged Bart would be 27-years-old, Lisa 25, and Maggie 18!
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    Re: The Simpsons 17th Season!

    For good or ill, The Simpsons has used every possible plot they can. Since the characters will never change, there's not much they can do.

    Marge left Homer? Homer and Lisa discussing betting on football? Homer in debt to the mob? Somehow it all seems like I've seen it before.

    It's still funny, but it's nothing like it was a decade ago.
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    Re: The Simpsons 17th Season!

    For every great episode, there's always one or two less-than-stellar ones, and the premiere ep. was one of those less-than-stellar. I chuckled a couple of times.

    Just nice to see a new episode.

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    Re: The Simpsons 17th Season!

    "Its funny just not haha funny."
    - Ralph Wiggum

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    Re: The Simpsons 17th Season!

    Next week's episode of Simpsons might prove to be a good one. An old cemetery is relocated right next door to the Simpsons' house to make way for a new museum. Lisa then starts having nightmares about it as a result.
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