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    More disappointment from hasbeen's Saga 2 line

    Greetings all! I am not sure if my entire post fits into the Saga 2 category, but I figured this would be the best place for it. So here we go!

    I was in my local TRU this afternoon, and as I was wandering around the little section they have for ROTS toys, not only did I see the Jedi vs. Sith battlepack, but I also saw the Assault on Hoth battlepack. I also stumbled upon the ultimate lightsaber as well. I know wow right? Wrong!

    The only figure that was worth attention was Ventress. I mean it is a rather impressive figure, considering that she only saw screentime as a cartoon character. The way the figure was presented looks as if though Ventress had screentime in ROTS. The Grevious figure was in a goofy pose, and the rest of the figures were all repacks from previous lines. I was disappointed.

    Upon taking a further look at the Assault on Hoth battlepack I was even more disappointed, cause not a single figure in that assortment was by any means new. The snowtroopers, the probe droid, and the snowtrooper with the e-web blaster were all repacks of the basic and deluxe versions from the POTF2 line. The General Veers figure is the same one that was packed in with the AT-AT walker. Once I saw that, I had to put the thing back on the shelf and walk away.

    Finally I came upon the ultimate lightsaber kit. Yawn! I mean if you want to build your own lightsaber thats long as you don't mind using kit-bashed pieces from Vader's, Maul's, Kenobi's, Windu's, or Yoda's lightsabers. The only cool thing about this kit was that it gave you the capability to make your own double sided lightsaber. This is definately not worth the $35 price tag that TRU had on it. This is one of those things that you might consider buying when it is on the clearance racks for like $20.

    If this is what we have to look foward to from Hasbeen, then we are all in for a lot of disappointment, and Hasbeen is gonna be out of collectors and kids to make Star Wars toys for, no matter how sucessful the tv show is. I ask you guys what you all think about this. Also if any of you have seen the things that I saw at my local TRU, feel free to fill in any of the gaps that I might have missed.

    See you all on the flip side!
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    Re: More disappointment from hasbeen's Saga 2 line

    I think you're being a bit too pessimistic too soon. We need to see what figures they put out on Basic cards - if they are predominantly rehashes/kitbashes and repaints I'll readily join you in taking a baton to Hasbro's metaphorical skull. These battle packs were always going to be just an excuse to rehash. Correct me if I'm wrong but sets like this have never been anything else - unless we're counting the POTF2 cinema scenes.

    The Jedi VS sith battlepack was part of an order i placed with r2dtoys (whether I ever receive it is a question still up in the air). From pics I've seen I'm rather fond of the Anakin figure. I'm hoping the paintjob isn't too bad but other than that issue it looks pretty decent to my eyes.

    I'll be getting the Hoth battle pack because I missed both the POTF2 Snowtrooper and the probe droid. If you didn't miss any of these figures on their initial run then its true theres no need for you to get this one.

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    Re: More disappointment from hasbeen's Saga 2 line

    I actually like the grievous pose in the box. I picked the set up because of Asajj and the Anakin figure.
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    Re: More disappointment from hasbeen's Saga 2 line

    The Anakin figure would be great if he didn't look like a chubby lesbian.

    Seriously, man... I'd wait until we actually get the Saga 2 line before you start naysaying it. The stuff that we are seeing at the moment is a transitional wave before the actual new stuff starts coming down the pike... and that's not supposed to happen until late late late this year or early next year.
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    Re: More disappointment from hasbeen's Saga 2 line

    Grievous is the Sneak Preview figure, which has quite a good amount of articulation. His goofy pose is just showing off the articulation.

    Most of the Battlepacks are for people to build their armies, new people to the hobby, or people who missed these figures the first time. If you don't like them, don't buy them.

    I personally think the Battlepacks are a great idea and hope this line continues.
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    Re: More disappointment from hasbeen's Saga 2 line

    I like the Battle Packs too. Good way to get lots of figures and some new ones. I'm not about to judge the Saga 2 line by a transitional wave. I'll save the judgement for when I actually see the figures.
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    Re: More disappointment from hasbeen's Saga 2 line

    I have little to no interest in these Battle re-Packs. I might pick up the Target Clone pack but beyond that they're not for me as I've no interest in buying old figures in new packaging. I do suppose they're good for those that missed out the first time around, though I don't seem to remember any of these being rare or hard to find in the first place.

    I've seen the Anakin figure in person and I thought it looked terrible. Worst likeness of Anakin to date IMO and yeah, JP is right, he looks like a chick with all that eyeliner on. And that Obi-Wan in Clone armor, haw, I won't even go there.

    If Hasbro uses Saga 2 to churn out more recycled product I'll just continue to spend my hard earned money elsewhere but until I see exactly what they're going to do with this new line I'll bite my tongue.
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    Re: More disappointment from hasbeen's Saga 2 line

    To hell with it, I quit!
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    Re: More disappointment from hasbeen's Saga 2 line

    The best part of the battlepacks are the clones, fast way to get alot of clones, besides that I don't care for old figs. I also have some hope that they will make something good for Saga 2, clone wise.

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    Re: More disappointment from hasbeen's Saga 2 line

    When is the set with the 501st Clones coming? Is it out and I just haven't seen it or it still pending release? That is a multi-pack done right, it's awesome. The Sith set was pretty amazing too IMO.

    I'm thinking Hasbro has a few nice surprises up their sleeves for the Saga 2006 line. I doubt they'll disappoint us too much. (Please let there be a new Veers in there somewhere, no more with the fat-headed repackaged one!)

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