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    More London UK finds :-)

    Thought I'd share details of a shop I use in Richmond called "They Walk Among Us", Popped in there yesterday. Currently they've got loads of Freeze Frame cards for 6-8 (including Pote Snitkin, AT AT Driver, Ree-yees and Death Star Droid), Mara Jade and Kyle Katarn on Expanded universe card for about 6, and the Cantina Diorama set for 7. Also they've got a Commtech R2D2 with Holo Leia for 20. The shop is on Lion Street, about 100 yards up from the Odeon Cinema.

    I might be popping over to Romford at the weekend, if so I'll report on what I find in the shop over there...

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    Doogz, I started a thread in this section for UK finds generally just the other day in the hope that us UK members could share our finds. Seems to me we all need to help each other out now that stuff is so hard to find.
    I haven't checked out the stores in Liverpool lately but my local comic shop has got a small amount of the Ketwol wave in. Or they did when I was there a week ago. Also in stock was the desert skiff, mynock hunt CS, Final jedi duel CS, Rebel pilots CS and Sale of the droids CS for between 10 and 20. Some older POTJ for 7. Death star droid, At-At driver, Pote Snitkin for 5 each.
    You can find them at Bounty Hunters, West Kirby on the Wirral. I can pass on the phone number by private message if you want it.

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    Just picked up two tie interceptore at 29.99 each from Forbidden Planet Scotland. 6 postage via Securicor. Not a bad deal really considering that have got them in at 45 +P&P.
    you can find FORBIDDEN PLANET SCOTLAND here. They also own a store In Liverpool city center called Worlds Apart which is pretty cool and I'm assured that the prices in the Liverpool store are the same as the online store.
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