View Poll Results: Which new basic figure repaints will you get? (multiple choice poll)

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  • #57 Commander Bly (Battle Gear)

    325 80.85%
  • #58 Wookiee Commando (Kashyyyk Battle Bash!)

    163 40.55%
  • #59 Commander Gree (Battle Gear)

    322 80.10%
  • #60 Grievous' Bodyguard (Battle Attack!)

    167 41.54%
  • #61 Passel Argente (Separatist)

    180 44.78%
  • #62 Cat Miin (Separatist)

    183 45.52%
  • #63 Neimoidian Commander (Separatist Bodyguard)

    162 40.30%
  • None of them

    47 11.69%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Re: Which of the new basic figure repaints (#57-63) will you get?

    I'll end up getting all of them therefore I picked all of them.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    Re: Which of the new basic figure repaints (#57-63) will you get?

    Voted that I'll probably pick all of them up. I'm in no huge hurry to get any of them, but I'm not hating this wave... it's so-so.

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    Re: Which of the new basic figure repaints (#57-63) will you get?

    All of them of course.... I have the disease of collecting, plus being a completest I am doomed to obtaining every figure.

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    Re: Which of the new basic figure repaints (#57-63) will you get?

    I'm so tempted to ignore all these, but I'll probably get them all. I tried to pass on some of the earlier ROTS figures, like C-3PO, R2, Vader, etc, as I already have enough of these, but ended up going back and getting them all... paying even more for 3PO, as he was the only one I couldn't find in stores, and I couldn't leave one gap.

    I doubt this new wave will show up in UK shops, so it will work out cheaper for me to order the whole lot on one go. None of them excite me, and I know I'll feel cheated, but I'm an addict, so what can I do?

    I've already got the other clone repaints, and even the Anakin Sith-eyes... who looks much better if you replace his robes with the hooded robe from Mustafar Anakin #50.

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    Re: Which of the new basic figure repaints (#57-63) will you get?

    As for the entire final 12, I am going to get 8 of the figures

    Cat Miin
    Blue Clone(a few of them)
    The two Holo figures

    I am not going to get the Neo warriors or the Wookie Warriors or Grievous' Guards. IF I want those, there area plenty already warming the pegs.
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    Re: Which of the new basic figure repaints (#57-63) will you get?

    I will be getting them all. While I would prefer all new all perfect molds every time, I know this isn't going to happen. Each figure on its own is not too bad to me. Far better than some disappoints before like clone trooper armor Obi, and well most molds involving major characters. The thing that makes these figures more disappointing is that its 12 back to back. They will all be decent additions to my dioramas filling out my wookies with more variants, Cat and Passel to get slaughtered with the Nemodian and his commander, etc.
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    Re: Which of the new basic figure repaints (#57-63) will you get?

    None of them.

    I stopped collecting over the summer; the price hike, exclusives, plus continued reliance on repacks and repaints to flesh out the line have finally taken their toll.
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    Re: Which of the new basic figure repaints (#57-63) will you get?

    I'll probably end up getting the Clones (or have someone pick them up for me *cough*Slicker or KH*cough*). I have a new found obsession for getting all the Clone varients.
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    Re: Which of the new basic figure repaints (#57-63) will you get?

    Of the ones listed in the poll:
    #57 Commander Bly (Battle Gear)
    #58 Wookiee Commando (Kashyyyk Battle Bash!)
    #59 Commander Gree (Battle Gear)
    #60 Grievous' Bodyguard (Battle Attack!)
    #61 Passel Argente (Separatist)
    #62 Cat Miin (Separatist)
    #63 Neimoidian Commander (Separatist Bodyguard)

    I'm getting the following (numbers in parethesisi indicate how many of each for example 1c/2o means; 1 carded 2 to open)-keeping in mind I'm a scene/diorama/army builder:
    Commander Bly (1c/3o) scene building
    Wookiee Commando Though I chose none here, I may get ONE carded
    Commander Gree (1c/3o) scene building
    Grievous' Bodyguard (1c/2o) I want to use these GGBGs as "Commanders" of sort for the other ones that I have
    Passel Argente (1c/1o)
    Cat Miin (1c/1o)
    Neimoidian Commander (1c/2o) Figured I needed some commanders for the troops. (I'm doing an EU diorama of a Clone Attack on a Neimoidian colony)

    of the last 5 (not listed) I'm getting
    Ki-Adi Mundi Holographic (1c/1o)
    Aayla Secura Holographic (1c/1o)
    Other Wookie commando (Isn't he a "gunner"?) Again with this one I MAY get one and only one, not sure.
    R4 (Obi-wan's droid) (1c/2o)
    Blue Clone (1c/40-50 o) That's if I can find this many. I'll be using them in three specific dioramas, the biggest of course being the arrival at the Jedi Temple (25), the next being the interior of the Temple (10-15) and the last being Bail's arrival/Zett Jukassa's fight;death (5-10). So, 40-50 just about covers them.

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    Re: Which of the new basic figure repaints (#57-63) will you get?

    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    I heard those are not in the newest wave, but the wave AFTER that, #64-68, so I didn't include them with this poll. Plus, the polls only go up to 10 options, but we'd need 13 with all 12 repaints AND a "none" option listed....

    As Ed McMahon would say while keeping that couch warm..."You are correct sir!"

    Yeah, it is hard to get excited about ANYof these but....

    And the bigger issue buying any of these are we encouraging Hasbro to crank out even MORE of this sort of thing? I'm all for a company saving a buck here and there but it's looking like this line is going out on a (recycled) whimper. First these lame rehashes and the current "battle packs" that are total rehashes.
    Word is filtering around that next year will contain even more rehases ala the OTC line. It's gonna by easy to ween myself away from collecting SW at this rate...

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