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  • #57 Commander Bly (Battle Gear)

    325 80.85%
  • #58 Wookiee Commando (Kashyyyk Battle Bash!)

    163 40.55%
  • #59 Commander Gree (Battle Gear)

    322 80.10%
  • #60 Grievous' Bodyguard (Battle Attack!)

    167 41.54%
  • #61 Passel Argente (Separatist)

    180 44.78%
  • #62 Cat Miin (Separatist)

    183 45.52%
  • #63 Neimoidian Commander (Separatist Bodyguard)

    162 40.30%
  • None of them

    47 11.69%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Re: Which of the new basic figure repaints (#57-63) will you get?

    Ah, I'm tracking now.

    As for the re-paints/re-cards. This has been a big trend for Hasbro lately. Not just with the ROTS line but most of the OTC/POTC were re-hashed figures.

    I bought everything from the OTC line, and I do mean everything! From the basic figures to the exclusive vehicles/figures to the Canadian carded figures. I would dare say I have the most complete OTC line possible.

    I think it's good that Hasbro is giving us some of these re-paints, especially the Clones, though I still prefer #41 over #6. in any event, it gives Hasbro time to work on the new line and gives collectors a chance to build some armies. I would say that their weakest point is perhaps their case breakdown. Other than that, all is good.

    As for the battle packs. I bought them all because I like the packaging, especailly the way the figures are displayed. Sure these are all re-hashed figures, but openers and non-completists don't have to buy 'em. As for the completists, well it depends on your definition of "completist" you can buy every carded figure and consider yourself a completist, but never buy a single "Cinema Scene" which is basically what these battle packs are...the latest incarnation of the Cinema Scane.

    However, for the "complete" completist, that has to have one of everything, I agree it does kinda suck. These sets are going for $20-$25 each and not a single new figure anywhere.
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    Re: Which of the new basic figure repaints (#57-63) will you get?

    I'll pick them all up... if they ever show up up here.

    The one thing I don't get is the new numbers. I can understand those that haven't been carded, and those that get new names even, and maybe... maybe the wookie with the skirt and change of name... BUT Grievous' Guard should not have a new number. It's the sae figure, same accessories, and same name... none of which got a new name before (#6 clone, #23 royal guard... which even had a diff. head, clone pilot and clone commander)... so why now does Hasbro think every variant needs a new number?

    Not that it ultimately matters... like I said first off, I'll pick them all up.

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    Re: Which of the new basic figure repaints (#57-63) will you get?

    Oh Hasbro and their fickle ways.
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    Re: Which of the new basic figure repaints (#57-63) will you get?

    I'll be getting all of them and multiples of a few.

    Repaints don't really bother me with army builder figures and thats what this wave basically is with the exception of the Separatist leaders. If using the same mold gets us more variations of the Clone Troopers then I'm all for it. The thing that bothers me is the lack of effort on Hasbros part to make sure that these paint schemes were accurate. The figure I was looking forward to the most, Commander Gree, looks WAY off and there is no good reason for this. Very poor execution on the part of Hasbro with this one, just plain lazy.
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    Re: Which of the new basic figure repaints (#57-63) will you get?

    I'm very distinterested in the multitude of Skittled Clones so that leaves a few left. Of the lot, Cat Min and Passel Argente are unique, even though I have them in unopened Cinema Scenes--they look like figures I will probably get.
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