As Hasbro stretches the ROTS line to fill the gap between it and the upcoming Saga2 line, they've fallen back on a tried-and-true method for stretching a line: repaints. Repaints use existing molds with new paintjobs to create a new character, or at least an intentional variant of that character, which you almost certainly already know; the rationale behind repaints has been Hasbro's bread and butter for nearly half a decade - carrying them into the number 2 toymaker slot - ever since their first GI Joe action figure in the '60s where they could recycle the GI Joe body over and over again by just including new clothes and accessories and maybe a new hair color... Hasbro famously carried on this tradition with 2 of the most popular '80s lines, GI Joe: A Real American Hero (the first wave of which has nearly every single figure sharing body parts in new paintjobs) and Transformers (in the first 2 waves especially, a figure could be repainted 2 or 3 times with success).

With the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith line, the originally-announced 56 figures were simply not enough to satiate collectors, who can be fickle when they go months at a time without new SW toys to collect. However, unlike the previous repainted figures in the line, these newest repaints are being given new figure numbers making them totally different figures rather than variants, a tactic which can be very tempting to collectors who might pass on a Clone Commander that's merely been repainted green but would think twice about doing so with a new character such as Commander Bly.

Here's a recap of ROTS figures $57-63, with links to images of each:So which of this newest, all-repaint wave of figures are you planning to collect?

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