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    Evolutions: Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper

    No fancy format here, just the bad, the good, and the conclusion.

    Dramatis personae:
    Episode II clone trooper as The Deuce
    Episode III clone trooper as The Bly Guy
    Stormtrooper as Himself

    The bad:

    I guess the first thing I will point out is that the SA clone troopers have the best articulation going, so it's slightly annoying that this set doesn't have all of the articulation of the SAs. The Bly Guy lacks the joint in the lower abdomen that allows them to bend, and the Deuce lacks that plus the ability to even rotate at the waist.

    Almost a nitpick really, the shoulder joints on the two clones are not colored, so they are glaring white against the yellow shoulder pad. This doesn't detract as much from the Bly Guy, since his shoulder pauldron largely covers that up.

    I'm not sure about the color of the Bly Guy's armor. It seems to me Bly's legion has a brighter yellow while this guy definitely splurged for the expensive, brown mustard to decorate his armor. When Bly comes out, if he is as dark, whether he is supposed to be or not, I'll be happy.

    Another minor problem is that the tubes running from the clone pilot helmet are not rigid, so the control box flaps in the face of the Deuce when he wears the helmet.

    I haven't said much about the Stormtrooper, and that is pretty much my complaint about it. It's somewhat unremarkable. The bad is going to be similar to the clones' problem. The OTC Stormtrooper is the definitive Stormtrooper, and this guy is a step back from that great figure. Again, Hasbro didn't give him all of the waist articulation. He can't bend up and down.

    And of all things, the number one problem I have with this set, is that you can clearly see the chin sticking out under the helmet of the Bly Guy. I hope it doesn't do this in all of the sets, but it does it in mine, and it's making me crazy.

    The good:

    I'll include the removable helmets in the good category, since so many of you like removable helmets. You can remove the helmet of the Deuce and the Bly Guy. I don't particularly care whether or not the helmet is removable as long as it doesn't stand out too much. Uniformity is important to me in my figures. These don't stand out too much.

    And as a follow up to the helmets, it seems Hasbro was paying enough attention to the movies to make the Duece look like Bodie Taylor (or whatever the guys name was), while the Bly Guy looks like Temuera Morrison.

    It was an excellent idea to give us two figures in one with the Deuce. Simply remove his standard helmet and put on his pilot helmet. Voila, you have a pilot.

    The figures are not clean but weathered. The Deuce and the Bly Guy look like they've been on the front lines, while the Stormtrooper looks like he's been serving rear guard to a Dewback patrol with dietary problems, which isn't a complaint, just an observation of a dedicated trooper who's doing a dirty job.

    Hasbro enhanced the details on the weapons, so these are a little more movie accurate, though you know what this does to my uniformity preference.

    And the number one draw of this set, certainly the reason I purchased it: You get your first Hasbro Bly Guy! Yep, we finally see a clone with that style of armor who actually comes from the movie!

    The conclusion:

    I'm happy. The price point is right around twenty dollars, which isn't too bad for three figures. I'd buy it if it were a little more than that. While I have already mentioned it, it is very nice to get a Bly Guy. I have another set on order from Toys R Us/Amazon, but I ordered this one from so I would get it sometime this year. I certainly will not cancel the other order, and if I happen to see one of these in a store, I'll probably get a third. Though, I'm not sure what I'll do with all those yellow Dueces, since I only have eight Episode II clones total right now, ten if I were to get two more Evolutions sets. I guess on a scale from one to ten, I'll give this set an eight. Fix the shoulders and the Bly Guy's helmet, I'd give it a nine. Add better waist articulation, and these would have been almost ten. I say almost, because I am massively fond of the Episode II SA clone whose body I would have used in this set, forget the removable helmet.

    And one quick observation: I take it Hasbro has changed the type of plastic they use. I first noticed with the Shocktrooper that the plastic is more rubbery, and it's the same on the green commander, AT-RT driver, and Evolutions.
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    Re: Evolutions: Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper

    I was a bit disappointed with the plastic they used on the helmets...The helmet from the AT-TE gunner is a nice hard plastic...the helmets on these guys are rubbery...but otherwise, I agree...I want more,.,
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    Re: Evolutions: Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper

    I just looked at the ones I have here, and the sandtrooper has the sand kinda painted on in blotches. I found another set at Wal-Mart today, and put it on lay-away, because I wanted to see if the one I had here had an orange pauldron, but I noted that the one I put on layaway the sand painted looked more grainy like sand, not looking like he was covered in baby food.
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    Re: Evolutions: Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper

    I'm still looking for this set, cant wait to find it though.
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    Re: Evolutions: Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper

    To me the most disapointing thing about this set is the helmets. Like said before the plastic sucks for AOTC and ROTS Troopers. With the Sandtrooper the paldron just dosen't fit, the helmet is constantly falling off with me. If hasbro were to fix these problems with future sets then I wouldn't have any complaints. Also is the Variant set out yet?

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    Re: Evolutions: Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper

    On the whole, I really like this set. I have a few gripes, though:

    *The pilot helmet has the ROTS/OT Imperial symbol, when it should have the AOTC Republic symbol.
    *They should've used a more articulated torso for both the clones. Only the Star Corps member has waist articulation, but it's only swivel.
    *The pauldron is too big on the ROTS trooper; that is to say, it makes the helmet fit poorly. If you put it on the AOTC figure, it's fine. I don't know why they had to make it like that.

    Otherwise, a fine set. What are the differences between this one and the variant?
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    Re: Evolutions: Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper

    The colors, AOTC trooper is all white, ROTS is White and Gray Coruscant Clones and the Sandtrooper is a Sargeant and more dirty. I also forgot to add the problem with ROTS clones pauldron.

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    Re: Evolutions: Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper

    I don't suppose anyone has a link to pictures for the variant. Of course, I suspect I'll take one look and realize I need at least one.
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    Re: Evolutions: Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper

    The AOTC and ANH troopers look great, but they should've used a different ROTS clone that was from the film.
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