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    Holiday Edition Vader has this guy for pre-order. Man, is that ugly! With the other Holiday figures, it'll fit nicely, but as standalone it's weird. So far, Wal-Mart, Paizo, Entertainment Earth, and StarWarsShop have been the carriers of these items. Can't they just pick one and stay with it?
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    Re: Holiday Edition Vader

    Oh man, that went beyond ugly and straight to fugly!

    It looks like it's covered in blood!
    Why not just dress him up with a Santa hat and coat (or whatever).
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    Re: Holiday Edition Vader

    Looks like "Carrie", man and I have all three of the other Christmas sets, and none of them are discolored at all, why couldn't they just given him maybe a red cape and a candy cane colored lightsaber or something along those lines.

    Grrrrr, and I'll probably give in and buy it.
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    Re: Holiday Edition Vader

    After seeing that greeting card that comes with it, that set would've been ten times cooler than this POS. And, they could've re-used the Vader body from the CIII figure. But that would've meant they would've had to, God forbid, sculpt a new stormtrooper.
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    Re: Holiday Edition Vader

    Looks like a damn re-pack of the Target Lava Vader.

    I too like the background. It's funny seeing the Executor bridge decked out in festive colors.
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    Re: Holiday Edition Vader

    Do I really need another repainted vader??? Nope. Ill pass..
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: Holiday Edition Vader

    I don't know what to say about that thing. All red?! Man, that's crazy. He needs a normal color scheme with a Santa hat and bag o'er the shoulder with lightsabers sticking out of it. The base and cardback is the only clue that it's a Holiday Edition figure.

    Hasbro isn't even trying any more. But hey, they don't have to - they know they have plenty of imusthaveitandi'llpayanypricesoletmebendoverforyou-collectors by the short hairs.
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    Re: Holiday Edition Vader

    This "Holiday Vader figure" takes the cake as crap compared to the "Holiday Vader picture" I thought this figure was going to be based on from "Return of the Jedi Weekly Issue 28."
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    Re: Holiday Edition Vader

    I'll certainly pass on this as well. I love Darth Vader,but this is crap. I could buy a cheap Vader figure and spray paint it for less. Probably look better too

    Malakite,much better Vader. Shame they couldnt have done something like that to match Santa Yoda.
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    Re: Holiday Edition Vader

    Would you guys feel differently about it if Vader was Vac-metaled? I know I would.

    I dig the card and that's about it, but I'll get one.
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