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Thread: Free Stuff!

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    Free Stuff!

    HEy GUYS!
    any of you want some FREE stuff?
    Free stuff includes:
    -A pack of Dexter's Laboratory Cards
    -A Pack of Harry Poter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Cards (includes holo hagrid)
    -A pack of Samurai Jack Trading Cards
    -5 John Wayne Promo Cards

    I opened the packs to see what was in them.. but everything is intact. If you want some/all of the stuff shoot me a PM, and Ill send it to you FREE of charge (even free shipping! ) And, if you call withing the next 5 minutes its still free! So first come first serve.
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: Free Stuff!

    Nobody wants free stuff?
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: Free Stuff!

    John Wayne cards? As in "The Duke"? What do they look like?
    Yo momma. That's right, I said "yo momma".

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    Re: Free Stuff!

    Yea thats him- honestly im too tired to go through the whole process of gettin a pic up.
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: Free Stuff!

    Dexter's lab pack has been claimed.
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: Free Stuff!

    John Wayne promo cards have been claimed.

    Anybody want anything else..?
    hurray for birthdays!

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