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Thread: SW Insider #84

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    SW Insider #84

    You guys see this?
    Looks good! Now I only have to find the one with Fox on the front..
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: SW Insider #84

    3 different covers ? I hope I get the first one.

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    Re: SW Insider #84

    I like the idea of different covers. Keeps it lively. Does anyone know when this issue ships?
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    Re: SW Insider #84

    What a crock of ****. Not the first time they've offering the mag with alternate covers, but I never bought into it. I stopped collecting comics because of this kind of crap.
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    Re: SW Insider #84

    Plus its a nice little way of getting a few more bucks out of the hard core fan.

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    Re: SW Insider #84

    I think it would be foolish to buy all the covers, no way I would ever do that. Meh.

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    Re: SW Insider #84

    I have bought into this before. They had an issue out with two different covers, and I have both (I think), also TV Guide has in the past released issues with four different covers, and I bought them. Suckers are born every minute, so there are a ton of us out there!
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    Re: SW Insider #84

    I'm not a member, but I'l pick one up at my news stand. I'm sort of a Commander Bly fan. I think its going to be a great read!
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    Re: SW Insider #84

    I am a member of the SW Fan Club, got mine in the mail today, browsed through it, and it had cover #1 of 3. Don't know if that one will be available on the newstand.
    2015 RFL Thank You to, TeeEye7 & Slicker, JediTricks, Tycho and Darth Jax!!!!
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