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Thread: It's a boy

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    It's a boy

    Rest easy folks the stork has paid its visit to Britney.....

    Britney Spears' dreams of becoming a mother have finally been realized - the pop superstar gave birth to a baby boy yesterday afternoon. According to American magazine Us Weekly, the 23-year-old singer welcomed her first offspring into the world shortly before 1pm on Wednesday at California's Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center. Spears and her dancer husband Kevin Federline, 27, arrived at the hospital with a police escort shortly before 6 am and medical staff whisked the star into a birthing suite, reports the publication. According to hospital sources, Spears, who reportedly started experiencing early labor contractions on Friday, was wheeled into a delivery room at about 12.15 pm and within minutes she had delivered via Caesarian section with Federline by her side. While the newlyweds - who will celebrate their first-year wedding anniversary on Sunday - have yet to announce the name of their offspring, sources say they had planned to call the child Preston Michael Spears Federline.

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    Re: It's a boy

    That is one lucky stork.

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    Re: It's a boy

    Oh boy........

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    Re: It's a boy

    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    That is one lucky stork.
    In the past I would have agreed with you on that, now however? Ehh I think I'd do a fly by and and let the kid parachute in on his own.

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    Re: It's a boy

    Not this stork.

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    Re: It's a boy

    I don't care how she looks now I'd still visit her with my stork.

    Didn't she get pregnant like 4 montjs ago or something?
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    Re: It's a boy

    She had a Padme/ROTS pregnancy. Minus the twin, of course.

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    Re: It's a boy

    Ooooh... goody. Another piece of trash for the media to focus on. God, I can't stand her!
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    Re: It's a boy

    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    That is one lucky stork.
    You've obviously never witnessed a birth in person.

    She's making this face-->

    You start out like this--> :

    Which turns into this-->

    After the baby comes out, you kinda look like this-->:Ponder

    You get a couple of these-->

    And these-->

    There isn't anything :lipsrseal about it. It definatly isn't something I would want to see again.
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    Re: It's a boy

    Actually Rogue 2 I was talking about the "before the pregnancy" part and not the "during and after" part.

    With all due respect, I can't believe you watched that though ! I have seen it before, yes in all it's gory detail and I don't know how any man could manage to have sex with his wife after seeing that. Sorry but that's how I feel.

    and besides, Brit went with the C-Section.

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