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    Bounty hunters, Danny Logan, more

    + I'm all for Danny having a job. Maybe Temura can do the voice by phone-in though,

    IG-88 should be a threat.

    Young Han Solo should be a little lost Clone (of someone else) that speeder races Dengar.

    We should see Bossk hatch and eat his mother.

    Help me out here....

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    Re: Bounty hunters, Danny Logan, more

    You just won't let the Han Solo being a clone thing die, will you? Hopefully, they will leave Han Solo out of the show. The Han Solo Trilogy novels created a good background for Han. Besides, can you imagine badly fans will bash the actor who tries to fill Harrison Ford's role?

    I wouldn't mind seeing the Smuggler's Moon (I can't remember the name) and Jabba or some other Hutt handing out bounties. It seems like a strange concept for a show. Is it going to be a bunch hanging out at Jabba's or an Imperial base waiting for contracts? I can see it now, it would be like Cheers. Get Wuher to be Sam Malone, Dengar could be Norm, IG-88 would be Frasier, Yarna could be Diane, 4-LOM might make a good Carla, and Zuckuss would be Cliff. I bet Dengar could down some beer. Oh, bring in Bea Aruthur's character from the Holiday Special to be Kristi Alley's character. Every Episode would involve Bib Fortuna or an Imperial Officer (based off of Col. Klink) to offer a bounty, and the gang would rush out to bag 'em.

    Is anyone else afraid what they are going to do with Boba Fett?
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    Re: Bounty hunters, Danny Logan, more

    If it is indeed about bounty hunters, that would so rule! If they decide to have Daniel Logan, I don't think they could use him for very long, as they'd have to get someone who looks more like Jango eventually. Hopefully if they include Boba in the show, he's portrayed as a serious basas*.
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    Re: Bounty hunters, Danny Logan, more

    I read on tfn that Lucasfilm is looking for screenwriters for the new show and....

    The series is slated to run 50 hours and will be a mixture of live-action and CGI. Principal photography will begin in 2007 with filming to take place in Australia.

    While the show will apparently revolve around imperial bounty hunters, there could be other directions taken. The series will take place after the Empire has risen to power
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    Re: Bounty hunters, Danny Logan, more

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL
    If it is indeed about bounty hunters, that would so rule! If they decide to have Daniel Logan, I don't think they could use him for very long, as they'd have to get someone who looks more like Jango eventually.
    Well who says Boba has to take his helmet off. He seemed pretty comfortable leaving his mug covered throughout the OT so the person behind the mask may turn out to be irrelevant.
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    Re: Bounty hunters, Danny Logan, more

    Now That we know the true story of the clones and the Fett's, this would be an awesome time to bring the EU character of Jodo Kast to life, to kick some butt!!! Maybe make it like a mystery like we don't know which one is which, and from each episode you'd always be wondering If Boba is causing all the trouble or Jodo is using him and possibly setting him up for somehting. Maybe Jodo in the end could even have some twist like he was the experimental clone that was supossed to be Jango's son but something went wrong, enter Boba and that's why Jodo hates him so much!

    Hey, I can still dream can't I?!
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    Re: Bounty hunters, Danny Logan, more

    I never liked that Jodo Kast storyline and I hope it is never brought to the screen.

    As for Daniel Logan, he's a nice guy but I don't see it happening with him in the show. I think it would be more important to have Tem Morrison voicing over an unseen actor.

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