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    KB Collector Pack

    This will be in their flyer starting 9-29. The price is 39.99. The ad say the sale stars on a thursday and goes through the weekend.
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    Re: KB Collector Pack

    If it's the one with the Silver vader, i saw quite a few of these packs at a local KB a few weeks ago. I wasn't interesed. They're all retreads and it's way too expensive. If you're a completist and a MOC collector, it might be for you though.

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    Re: KB Collector Pack

    I'm glad I don't have any more KBs near me since I'd hate to even see this piece of crap in person.
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    Re: KB Collector Pack

    I saw "this piece of crap" and plenty of them about two weeks ago, but sure enough they were gone within a few days. So someone's going to buy them.
    KB does carry shocktroopers and the like though, so I'm personally glad there's still a few around here. In fact, if it was not for KB, I would only have the two shocktroopers I traded for.


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