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    Thumbs up Ultimate Visual Guide

    I saw this book at the store, didn't know it even existed, but it's cool. It's kind of like the old Reese's Peanut Butter Cups commercial... you got SW: Visual Dictionary in my SW: Essential Chronology! It's a great collection of movie stuff, EU stuff, and even collectible stuff. Check it out!
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    Re: Ultimate Visual Guide

    A friend of mine said he saw it at a Barnes & Noble. At 1st, he mistook it for Star Wars Chronicles :The Prequels. Too early for that book to be out. I'll check it out.
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    Re: Ultimate Visual Guide

    I didn't realize it was out yet. How does it look like it compares to the earlier Visual Guides? I'm on the fence about picking it up, partly because I'm afraid much of it is repeat info, and partly because these Visual Guides seem to love to show up on clearance.
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    Re: Ultimate Visual Guide

    Does anyone have a retail price on this? I like books with tons of pictures, and this sounds like one that has just that.
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    Re: Ultimate Visual Guide

    Wow, I saw it today and the cover price is $24 or $25.
    Didn't really look like it was worth it.
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    Re: Ultimate Visual Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketboy
    Wow, I saw it today and the cover price is $24 or $25.
    Didn't really look like it was worth it.
    Well, it's $24.99, hardcover with cover (Vader helmet at angle, all in black and silver colors). It's like a Visual Dictionary in story form (start at beginning, end at end) with summary info from movies, comics, video games stories, plus collecting, fans, behind-the-scenes, etc. So far, I'm up to the middle-end of Episode I in terms of "plot," which is about 30-some pages into the 140 page book. I like it so far!
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    Re: Ultimate Visual Guide

    I got to check it out today at B&N. Its a neat book, but wasnt what I thought it would be. Its more of an Expanded Universe resource book -it only has a little to do with the films. I'm not into EU so I passed on it. I think the Visual Dictionaries are MUCH better.
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    Re: Ultimate Visual Guide

    Expanded Universe resource book? Count me in!! The page I'd seen online a few months back dealt with something EU (I think the Great Sith War), but I didn't realize it was going to be primarily EU. That's nice of them to avoid too much overlap, especially with the big Cross Sections book apparently being about 3/4 rehashed material from the previous Cross Sections books.
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