I feel like I arrived at the party right as everybody was leaving. Anyway, I finally got this set and slapped it together. The building experience wasn't terribly great since there were no surprises, but the final toy has its perks. The ship looks nice enough from the side and 3/4 angle, but it's not round enough and it's missing the sides, so it doesn't look good from above. I kinda like the cockpit access, but I dislike the empty engine, I HAD to fill that up as soon as I finished - it really bothered me. My favorite pieces were the blue transparent round 1x studs, I wish it had a dozen of those. The colors don't seem so bad, but I'd have preferred orange. In comparison to most of the other ships' scales in the Lego line, this one seems to be the right size. I would have preferred a yellow (or even brown, whatever!) Lando, or at least come with a pilot figure as well as Lobot.

Ultimately, I think this one could stand a few visits back to the drawing board, especially since those 5x semi-rounded bricks could make nice sides and rear sections on this one.